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Tucker Carlson Again Hosts Fascist Katie Hopkins, Calling For Military ‘Grip’ On Homeless


Fox And Friends Learns That Reading Constitution Out Loud Contradicts Trump

Leave it to Brian Kilmeade to screw everything up by reading the US Constitution out loud from his mini-tablet.

Seventh trans woman murdered in the US was shot to death in motel room

A seventh transgender woman has been found dead in the United States this

(Facebook) year.

Amia Tyrae Berryman, a 28-year-old from Los Angeles was found shot to death in a motel room o

n Monday night.

Police were reportedly called to the Baton Rouge area of Los Angeles on Monday night after reports of gunshots outside a motel in the Wooddale East neighbourhood.

The body of Amia Tyrae Berryman was found at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police are still investigating her death and will conduct an autopsy later today.

While police have not yet misgendered her, local news reports have misgendered Berryman and used her dead name. 

(Photo: Facebook)

Local reports from WBRZ-TV 2 deadnamed and misgendered her and have yet to rectify this as of writing.

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This is the second trans woman to be killed by a gun in a motel room in 2018.

Celine Walker, 36, was found shot to death in a motel room in Jacksonville, Florida in February.

She was pronounced dead on February 4, meaning that she was the second trans woman to be killed within a week.However, police reports misgendered Walker and used her dead name meaning initial reports did not recognise her trans identity and caused the announcement of her death to be delayed by over a week.

Florida authorities have been slammed for misgendering Walker.

2018 has already shown an alarming rate of deaths, with 2018 set to surpass 2017’s staggeringly high rate of trans deaths and killings.

35-year-old Tonya Harvey was shot to death on Shepard Street in Buffalo, New York.

Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, who founded the Miss Trans America pageant, and Viccky Gutierrez, were burned to death in Los Angeles.

Viccky Gutierrez was brutally killed on the morning of January 10.

2017 saw one of the highest rates of trans deaths, with over 250 reported deaths of trans and gender non-conforming people worldwide.

Many deaths of trans and gender non-conforming people go unreported. When the deaths are reported, trans people are frequently misgendered in reports, making it especially hard to correctly count the number of deaths in a given year.

Idaho inmate abused boys — but he won’t join sex offender list when he’s paroled

Mike Mebane has kept a secret for a long time.john mebane

An ugly secret, but one he is disclosing now in an effort to keep his brother in prison.

Mebane is now a family man, happy and healthy and living in Texas. But his brother, John Mebane, did something that warped his life almost from the outset. It sent Mike Mebane on a course of self-destruction. After years of burying it and hiding behind drugs and self-harm, he pulled through the trauma.

Mike Mebane was just a little boy when John Mebane, then age 12, molested him.



NYPD cop collected nearly $15G in overtime by lying about working on rape cases, and still retires with full pension

According to information obtained by The News through records and sources, Lamboy, 47, stole nearly 200 hours of straight time and overtime worth nearly $15,000, forged overtime slips and lied on official documents in the first six months of 2013.

Rape trial opens for former cop

Rape trial opens for former cop

MICHIGAN CITY — The rape trial against former Michigan City police officer Thomas K. Jackson is underway in La Porte Superior Court 1 this week.

In opening statements Tuesday morning, the state told the jury the victim is an intellectually disabled 25-year-old woman whose disability prohibits her from being able to consent to sex.

Deputy Prosecutor Elizabeth Boehm described the victim as unable to drive, do laundry, remember to perform basic hygiene practices or write much more than her own name.


However, she said, a Westville police officer discovered the woman and Jackson, then 51, having sex in a van parked at a baseball field on March 5, 2017.

According to Boehm, the victim had been told not to tell anyone about the reported sexual encounters she had had with Jackson.

“The state’s position is that (victim) could not consent due to her disability,” Boehm told the jury.

Craig Braje, Jackson’s defense attorney, confirmed that Jackson and the woman were approached by an officer at a baseball field. However, he said, the officer only saw movement in the van and not sex, and felt satisfied with their conversation enough to allow the two to leave the scene together.

The state alleges a sexual relationship between Jackson and the victim existed from February 2013 through March 2017, but Braje said no evidence exists to prove such a claim.

He described how Jackson and the woman met: At the home of one of her relatives, who also was friends with Jackson. The man reportedly hosted multiple parties to which both were invited, as well as several other guests.

Braje indicated it was the victim’s mother who had asked Jackson to spend time with her daughter, and take her out to do activities. But, he said, “(Victim) acted as an adult, did things as an adult, performed and had an adult lifestyle.”

According to Braje, the woman’s IQ measurements are 15 to 20 years old, and her dyslexia diagnosis doesn’t prohibit her from consenting to sex.

In fact, he said, the woman’s mother had provided her daughter with thorough sex education as a teenager, going as far as to buy the girl a vibrator when she turned 18 and take her to a male strip club and casino when she turned 21.


Additionally, the alleged victim had had previous boyfriends and had been engaged at one point in time, with her mother’s permission to have sex after she was married, Braje told the jury.

He contended the young woman was not mad at or scared of Jackson, but of the idea that she might be arrested after having been approached by the on-duty police officer. He suggested that her fear of arrest is what prompted her to tell her mother about the sexual relationship she had with Jackson.

Braje told the jury that Jackson was wrong for having cheated on his wife, but said his client did not rape anyone.

“(Victim’s mother) didn’t want the sexual relationship to be with Tom Jackson, and that is understandable, but it’s not criminal,” Braje concluded.

According to court documents, the victim has the mental and emotional abilities of a child between the ages of 10 and 12. She is expected to testify sometime on Wednesday.

Jackson resigned from the Michigan City Police Department last March after becoming the subject of investigation. He faces four counts of Level 3 felony rape in which the victim is mentally disabled or deficient, each of which carries a potential sentence of 3 to 16 years in the Indiana Department of Correction.

Pending the resolution of his case, Jackson remains free on $2,500 cash bond and GPS monitoring.

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