Phoenix Calida And Tim Woodman



Toronto man sexually abused 50 years ago by predatory priest awarded $2.6M

Rev. David Katulski, vicar general of Congregation of St. Basil, a Toronto-based Roman Catholic religious order, said it “does not agree with each of the awards of damages, which make up the judgment, and is considering its rights of appeal.”

Becky Lives Matter To The Cops
Facebook video. 

Becky’s Late Term Abortion Matters. 


Shocking video shows trans woman being attacked while police officer turns a blind eye

video of a trans woman being assaulted while the police stood by and watched in Iran has gone viral.

In the video, which was originally posted to Facebook by Iranian feminist activists, the woman emits a bloodcurdling scream as she is attacked by a gang.

Although a policeman is sat in a car right next to the attack, he simply ignores the crime and attempts to drive across the square, reports Gay Star News.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An attack on a transgender woman riding a CATS bus on April 7 went viral last week, garnering news coverage from a variety of local sources. The brutal attack left the victim with a broken jaw, and is just the latest in what advocates say is an exponential rise in anti-LGBTQ violence.

Jayla Ware, 24, was attacked by Roy Eugene-Lav Hedman after a disagreement while riding a CATS bus in the 400 block of N. Tryon St. Hedman punched Ware in face at least a dozen times, dragged her to the floor of the bus and kicked her in the face another dozen times.

Police have a ‘very strong’ lead in killing of transgender SC woman

Sheriff’s investigators have “a very strong suspect” in the Easter weekend killing of a transgender South Carolina woman.

Sasha Wall was found dead in her car on a rural roadway in Chesterfield County the morning of April 1, authorities have said. The 29-year-old had been shot multiple times at close range in the neck and shoulder.

The FBI is assisting sheriff’s investigators in analyzing phone records and data from cell towers near where Wall was found, Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks told The State on Monday.

Why This Texas Man Got Probation for Murdering Gay Neighbor

It’s been five years since the American Bar Association called on every state to end the use of the “gay panic” defense. It’s been 20 years since the death of Matthew Shepard, and since his killers argued a “gay panic” defense in court, claiming Shepard had made a pass and driven them to murder. 

But so far only two states have banned the defense from the courtroom. And in Texas last week, it knotched another win for a murderer.

NC woman accused of ‘malicious castration,’ rape and a list of other crimes, cops say


A Cumberland County woman was arrested on Monday and charged with a string of crimes including rape, malicious castration, human trafficking, first-degree kidnapping, promoting prostitution and robbery.

Candace Grantham, 31, was arrested after Cumberland County deputies searched her home on Monday, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

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