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Supreme Court says crisis pregnancy centers do not have to provide women abortion information

The Supreme Court said Tuesday that pregnancy centers established to persuade women to continue their pregnancies do not have to tell their clients about the availability of state-offered services, including abortion.

The court’s conservatives said a California law likely violates the First Amendment. It required what are called crisis pregnancy centers — which promise prenatal care and help when the child is born — to post notices or tell clients about the state’s service.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the 5-to-4 decision.

He said that the “government-drafted script” specifically mentions abortion — “the very practice that petitioners are devoted to opposing.”

“By requiring petitioners to inform women how they can obtain state-subsidized abortions, at the same time petitioners try to dissuade women from choosing that option.. . . plainly alters the content of petitioners’speech,” Thomas wrote.

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Nowhere Safe for ‘Dirty’ Money After Sex Workers’ Bank Closes in Mumbai

Sangini Cooperative Bank was the only financial institution in Mumbai to offer sex workers access to savings and credit. Now that the bank has closed, the women are left with only two options: hide their money or risk losing it to moneylenders and con men.

With Brad Friedman & Desi Doyen…
By DESI DOYEN on 6/26/2018 10:42am PT  

IN TODAY’S RADIO REPORT:Double whammy – extreme rain and floods delay cleanup of massive tar sands oil spill in Iowa; CDC says diseases caused by ticks and mosquitoes have tripled in the U.S., thanks to global warming; If it seems like we’re getting more torrential downpours and floods, it’s because we are; PLUS: A new ad on Fox News, aimed at one person, hopes to stop a new bridge for Detroit… All that and more in today’s Green News Report!

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Expelled Wisconsin student sentenced to 3 years for raping 3 women

Dane County Circuit Judge Stephen Ehlke also sentenced Alec Cook, 22, of Minnesota to eight years of extended supervision once he’s released from prison. Cook pleaded guilty to the charges in February.

Prosecutors were seeking 19 years behind bars, while defense attorneys sought probation with the possibility of jail time.

Alex Jones Encourages Secret Surveillance Of Restaurant That Asked Sarah Sanders To Leave






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