THIS IS A CALL OUT!!!…. or something

Hey gang. 
It’s another case of the… ‘them niggas’ crowd doing as them niggas do. 
They were ready to do the 3rd way CALLOUT of this “problematic” n’ stuff Alexandria Cortez. 
Of course the Pretending To Be @AngryBlackLady, Imani Gandi, still brushing off the embarrassment of her connection to Buck Dancing Elon James White.  Of course we have our Wine Cellar Content that you can expect but I want to lead with this. 


Those who knew Ronald Lee Kidwell were not surprised to learn he was charged with the murder of a black woman — her body discovered in the Shawnee home where he lived.

“This was a hate crime,” said his neighbor Kathleen Brown. “One hundred percent a hate crime.”

Kidwell would drape himself in the Confederate flag, said his daughter, Crystal Foster. He would send her photos of the swastika tattoo on his left arm. He bragged to her about his membership in the Ku Klux Klan and told Brown about the Aryan Nations white supremacist group.




YORK, Pa. — A man fatally shot in a Pennsylvania bar Saturday had defended a black man from racial slurs, police said. 

Chad Merrill, 25, was fatally shot in the chest after defending a black man who was being called the N-word and other racial slurs.



On Monday morning, the brainiacs at Fox News accidentally booked a Democratic congressional candidate who used her fluke opportunity to send a message directly to the White House.

It’s not exactly clear how the bookers at Fox & Friends First mistook Massachusetts state senator Barbara L’Italien for Arizona’s Ann Kirkpatrick—a different Democratic congressional candidate who was recently booed for her pro-ICE stance during a debate. But once on air, L’Italien wasted little time getting down to business:





A same-sex couple from Northern Virginia said they were discriminated against by a Charlottesville-based wedding photographer because of their sexual orientation.

Paula Fries and Katie Brown, a same-sex couple from Burke, have spent countless hours searching for the perfect wedding photographer before their wedding day in October.The owners of Gardenia said they refused to work with them because of their “beliefs.”



Evangelical Trump ally Tony Perkins has said it was a mistake to strike down sodomy laws that had criminalised homosexuality.

Perkins, who was recently appointed to serve as a United States Commissioner on International Religious Freedom by GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell, is the head of the anti-LGBT Family Research Council.



A restaurant in Rome, Italy, is facing death threats and insults after one of its waiters wrote a homophobic message in the receipt given to a gay couple—and was subsequently fired.

The incident first emerged on Thursday through a press statement on Gay Center, an association providing services to LGBT+ people such as a hotline to report homophobic attacks. The couple had dined at the Locanda Rigatoni and contacted the hotline after it was given a receipt containing a homophobic message.



A transgender woman has reportedly been found dead in Orlando, USA.

Sasha Garden, 27, was found dead in a flat in Holden Avenue on Thursday morning, reports Orlando Weekly. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said that the body showed signs of trauma.


Missouri sheriff arrested for letting love interest pretend to be a cop

Texas County Sheriff James Sigman, 48, and Chief Deputy Jennifer Tomaszewski, 38, were arrested Wednesday. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, their charges include felony assault, felony endangerment of a child, felony misuse of a weapon, misdemeanor impersonation and misuse of official information by a public servant. The state agency led the investigation.
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