Alex Jones Tells His Audience That Antifa Is Arming Themselves To Kill Nazis

Hey gang. 
So we have to get into the more insideious and less funny side of Mr Jones again. 
He is deliberately trying to get people murdered… again. 
He is invoking his armed and dangerous target audince… again. 

And I’m pretty sure that only The Wine Cellar is going to cover it.. again. 

We also get into Sex Worker raped and charged with “prostitution”.

The GOP in Florida is taking your gunzzzzz.

Supreme court denies Trump administration request to halt climate change lawsuit.

Republican Candidate Gay Sexy sex kills more than smoking.

Cops Pull Gun on Ving Rhames for breaking into his house by picking the lock with the key.

GOP lawmaker gets his catfish on with the fellas by using his girlfriends nudes without her consent.

Black Woman tries to stand her ground and gets treated like a Black woman trying to stand her ground.

Further…. Al-Semedy Jones’ Attorneys say he don’t make no sense.

Iowa man attempts to rape a woman because she dare said “no”.

Woman kills husband over a disagreement… guess what.

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