Inova To Ban Plastic Straws From Its Five Hospitals



FALLS CHURCH, VA—Inova, Northern Virginia’s largest health system, announced it will eliminate use of plastic straws at its five 


The health system reports it uses about three million straws per year, totaling about a mile in length each day. The ban will apply to 

public spaces such as cafeterias and gift shops.

“Inova recognizes that be

ing a leader in healt

hcare means caring for our environment as well as our patients, said said J. Stephen Jones, M.D., president and CEO at Inova. “We understand the health of our planet affects the health of our patients and community, and encourage oth

ers in our industry to join this endeavor.”

Inova says it’s the first health system on the East Coast to adopt a plastic straw ban. The effort is part of a larger plan to reduce or eliminate single-use plast

ic items such as utensils, coffee stirrers, dishware and cups. These eco-friendly initiatives seek to keep plastic items from ending up in the Chesapeake Bay or other waterways.

The movement to ban plastic straws initiated from a viral 2015 videoof a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose. Inova will join companies such as Alaska Airlines, Starbucks and Hyatt Hotels that have committed to plastic straw bans. Meanwhile, cities like Seattle have banned plastic straws, and DC is considering a ban as well.

The bans has sparked some outrage about banning plastic straws when people with disabilities need to use them. Inova said disabled individuals will have paper straws available to patients and others who need them, according to WTOP.

Inova aims to eliminate all plastic straws from its public areas by America Recycles Day on Nov. 15.

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