Breaking: Very Woke Black Man On The Internet Totally Shut Down Black Feminist.

In a heated back and forth on a comment section under a facebook post, a black man with a red black and green profile picture totally schools a black feminist on Bill Cosby.

To her own detriment, she decided to leave the first comment under a link with Cosby’s sentencing in the headline. (quote) “He got what he deserved. Consent matters”.

Little did she know though.
That soon to wake up in his very own bedroom to do the chores his mother requires for him to stay  there was Brotha Dialic Dashuku Kinyallado who just happened to reach for his ipod touch to check his facebook feed before getting up. hotep 1

As he scrolled for news of injustices and slander directed at the straight black man, he saw the link about his father figure, personal mentor and lifelong role model, Bill Cosby.

As he was about to leave a comment stating what he thinks Dr Frances Cress Welsing would say, he saw it.

The profile picture was a dark skin black woman with what he was pretty sure was a weave, which is very bad, next to the screen name Tanisha Washington.  Because she clearly hasn’t decalcified her name with the kemetic sanitizing pineal solution yet.

But he knew she would want to after he Woke her up to the knowledge.

He responds to her comment, creating a subthread.  “This is a plot by the gay agenda to demonize the black man and break up the black family”.

Stunned by such a rapid aligning of the chackraas, all she could think to respond with was, “what” coupled with a laughing emoji.

As an experienced street based speed date champion (often confused with harassment) he recognized confusion coupled with nervous laughter immediately and knew she needed to hear more. hotep 3

So he proceeded to further educate her on how Bill Cosby was the only positive black entertainer on earth and with zero assistance he turned gang bangers into violinists, sent whole police departments to prison for life and with his positive black family sitcom, cured our sistahs of Negro Bedwench Syndome.

After leaving his block text, he noticed she didn’t respond for about 30 minutes, he figured he should start his day after successfully shutting the nonsense down.

He laid out a stack of job applications on the coffee table so his mother could see them on her way out the door.  He gets the vacuuming done, mops the kitchen floor and pulls up some chicken to thaw for dinner.

Some Rice Krispie treats are in the cabinet for when he has to babysit his kids this weekend, so he has one with a cup of milk and decides to check his facebook notifications.

Well what have we here?  It seems that Tanisha Washington has replied to a post he’s following on The Grio.

Excited to see what his new student has learned, he clicks it and sees that she failed.

Her comment simply read “OMG. Another Hotep.  Boy Bye”.

He tried and tried.
Giving links to clips of Brotha Neely Fuller, links to Tariq Nasheed’s tweets, video clips of Dr Umar Johnson and nothing worked.

Other confused and probably lesbianfied black feminists just kept tagging their friends and leaving laughing emojis.

He knew what this was.
The knowledge he dropped was too much at one time and their little female brains aren’t ready for it and they went into hysterics. “I need to ease up and not shut them down like this” he muttered to himself.

A notification from another app shows up.
“Amber Lynn sent you 50 dollars on paypal”
Hmmm… this must mean she finally got her taxes.
Now he can finally get that new Hidden Colors DVD from Amazon.

Wokeness Intensifies.





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