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Preliminary hearing set for suspects accused of killing, dismembering men during Craigslist deal

MOORE, Okla. – The suspects accused of killing and dismembering two men during a Craigslist sale will appear in court  Friday for a preliminary hearing.

Around 6 p.m. on April 14, 21-year-old Alize Ramon Smith and 21-year-old Jarron Keonte Moreland, went to the Crest in Moore to do a Craigslist exchange, Moreland’s family members told KFOR.

While at the Crest, police say a white van pulled up to the two men, and Moreland and Smith either got into the van willingly or were pulled inside the vehicle. At some point, witnesses reported that they heard gunshots and the van sped out of the parking lot.

After Moreland and Smith were reported missing, Moore police took a closer look at that Craigslist meeting.

Authorities were able to trace messages Smith sent before the meeting to 16-year-old Brett Boettler.




Police Have Made Their Second Arrest Of Members Of The Far-Right Men’s Group That Beat Up Protesters In New York

Two members of the Proud Boys, the far-right men’s organization that assaulted left-wing protesters after a Republican event last week in Manhattan, were arrested for the brawl, the New York Police Department said.

Geoffrey Young, 38, of New City, New York, was arrested at his home Thursday night on charges of riot and attempted assault, police told BuzzFeed News. He was the first member of the group arrested in connection with the violence.

On Friday, John Kinsman, 39 — also a Proud Boys member — was arrested and charged with attempted gang assault, attempted assault, riot, and criminal possession of a weapon.


Woman Beat Rapist With Crowbar, Knocked Him Out, Prosecutors Say

 Dorval Grice, 30, is charged with home invasion and aggravated sexual assault.

Dorval Grice, 30, is charged with home invasion and aggravated sexual assault.

DNAinfo; Chicago Police Department

COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — A 58-year-old Near West Side woman used a crowbar to knock a rapist unconscious after he broke into her home early Monday, prosecutors said.

“If I’d been a crybaby, he’d have had me,” the victim told Fox32 News, explaining how she tapped her knowledge of boxing to “stick ’em and move baby, stick ’em and move.”

When police arrived about 7 a.m., they found 30-year-old Dorval Grice unconscious in the victim’s ransacked bedroom, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Bryan Grissman, who spoke during a bond hearing Tuesday.

Opponents of the 160-mile Bayou Bridge pipeline, which will cross Native American land and 700 bodies of water, have chained themselves to machinery

Rae Carruth apologizes for death of pregnant girlfriend, seeks custody of 18-year-old son

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth, who has spent the past 17 years in a North Carolina prison for conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend, opened up for the first time in a handwritten letter to the victim’s mother.

Carruth wrote a 15-page letter to Saundra Adams, the mother of Cherica Adams, that was sent to Charlotte television station WBTV. He also spoke at length by phone with the station about the letter, accepting responsibility for the 1999 conspiracy to murder Cherica Adams and expressing interest in gaining custody of their son.

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