Good Cop Pleads Not Guilty to Assaulting 4 Women in One Night

A now-former Fowler police officer has pleaded not guilty Monday morning to charges that he beat up four women a few weeks ago.
Fresno police arrested Frankie Murietta in late September and Action News uncovered court documents showing why.

Investigators say he shoved his wife’s face in the wet spot on a chair where she spilled a drink.
They say he also punched his sister-in-law so hard he broke one of her teeth when she tried to intervene.
TheN Murietta hit two other women who tried to intervene to protect his wife.

Murietta is out of jail on bail, but he had to turn in his guns and he’s not allowed to drink alcohol. He also has a 2010 arrest for DUI, but he pleaded no contest to reckless driving, or what’s known as “wet reckless.”
Fowler’s police chief tells us he also relieved Murrieta of duty after the arrest.

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