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Man Killed By Police During Wellness Check

Minneapolis, MN- The man shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer on Friday has been identified by his roommate.

Thirty-six-year-old Travis Jordan was the man shot in the front yard of a home on the 3700 block of Morgan Avenue North about 2 p.m., according to his friend Paul Johnson.

Jordan was living with Johnson and Johnson’s wife. Jordan and Johnson also worked together in the hospitality industry.

Sunday, Johnson stood outside his home, looking at the spot where Jordan fell.

“Why are tasers not pulled out, why is that not what’s in their hand?” he said. “Why is the lethal form of de-escalating the situation and ending it in their hands and not all the other ways that could’ve been done?”

A press release from the Minneapolis Police Department said the man was armed with a knife. Two officers from the 4th Precinct responded to a welfare check at the home. Both are on administrative leave.

According to a 911 transcript released by police Sunday, a caller told dispatch Jordan had been “having a lot of suicidal thoughts because, um, depression, anxiety, but he’s not taking any pills for that. Um, he’s just taking alcohol for it.”

The caller told dispatch they had spoken to Jordan earlier and he said “he doesn’t want to live, he doesn’t even think about his future anymore.”

“I told him I was gonna call the cops, ‘cause I was really worried about him, and he threatened me and said go ahead and call the cops, I’ll talk to them when they get here,” the caller told dispatch.

At one point, the dispatch operator asked the caller if weapons were involved or mentioned. The caller said no.

Later in the conversation, the caller said, “I’ve looked through his text messages before and he’s asked for like to find him a gun for him from someone. And then I confronted him about that a long time ago and he said he wasn’t gonna do it.”

Also Sunday, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner said Jordan died from multiple gunshot wounds.

John Elder is the spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department and said the officers’ body cameras were on, recording both audio and video of the shooting. Plus, Elder emphasized every officer on the street has been through state-mandated training on how to safely handle people in crisis. Of the 376,000 calls for service citywide this year, more than 3,200 of them involved reports of emotionally disturbed persons.

“It was a wellness check and now our friend is dead instead of alive and getting the help that he needed,” Johnson’s wife Allison Reinke said.

Police officials say body cameras of the officers involved in the shooting were turned on and rolling during the entire incident, and should provide important clues into what led up to the incident.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating the officer-involved shooting.

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