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Minnesota Teen Leaves Deer Carcass on Somali Men’s Cars

Somali and Muslim leaders expressed deep concern Saturday after a white man and his teenage son dumped bloody deer carcasses on the hoods of two cars owned by Somali-American men in the Minnesota city of St. Cloud, and they don’t believe the explanation the suspects gave to police.

The victims discovered the carcasses on the hood of their cars just before 10 p.m. Wednesday after working out inside the YMCA. Police viewed surveillance video and found a 14-year-old St. Cloud boy leaving the dead deer on the cars while his 62-year-old father looked on.

The two suspects, who have not been named, had gone inside the YMCA for about half an hour before returning to their truck. The boy then pulled out and discarded the carcasses on the cars, which were next to their truck, as his father watched, police said. The father and son told police that they needed to get rid of the carcasses and decided to dump them there.

In a news release Friday, assistant police chief Jeff Oxton said investigators used surveillance video to track down the pair.

“In a taped statement the suspects indicated that they needed to get rid of the carcasses and dumped them at that location in that manner,” Oxton said. “It is not believed that the suspects knew either of the victims.”

Oxton said police would forward the case to the city attorney for possible charges. In Minnesota, city attorneys generally prosecute misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors, but not felonies.

One of the victims and two community leaders scoffed at the suspects’ claims that they merely needed to get rid of the carcasses, pointing out that they had plenty of options for disposing of them properly or could have just dumped them in the woods.

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