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Denver City Council Approves Plan for Safe Injection Sites

DENVER, CO — A plan to allow safe injection sites to help drug users in Denver is one step closer to becoming reality after it passed its first reading at Monday night’s city council meeting.

Safe injection sites allow for users of heroin and other drugs to go to a facility where they can get high without fear of arrest.

The plan passed with only one city council member, Kevin Flynn, voting against it on Monday. A second reading and final vote is scheduled for next Monday.

Supporters argue it reduces overdoses and deaths while opponents worry that it may enable drug users.

The plan is to establish it as a two year pilot program that would come with a lot of restrictions. The sites would have to be at least 1,000 feet from schools and day care centers.

Although the sites would offer free needles and medical care, users would provide their own drugs.

If approved by city council next week, the program would still have to be approved by state lawmakers next year.

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