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Man Offers to Help Woman Get Home, Sexually Assaults Her in Park Instead

SPARKS, NV – OCTOBER 21: Police tape secures the scene after a shooting at Sparks Middle School October 21, 2013 in Sparks, Nevada. A staff member was killed and two students were injured after a student opened fire at the Nevada middle school. The suspected gunman was also killed. (Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images)

The NYPD is searching for a man who raped a woman in Brooklyn early Saturday morning. The suspect pretended to be a good samaritan  by offering to help the victim get a drunken friend home safely, then attacking her once she was alone.

The 20-year-old victim was trying to get her inebriated friend home safely from a Brownsville house party around 2:20 a.m. Saturday when the suspect approached them near Herzl Street and Dumont Avenue and asked if they needed help, sources said.

The man hailed a taxi for them, loaded the drunken friend into the cab and then offered to walk the remaining woman home, sources said.

According to the New Yorl Post’s account, he propositioned her as they walked through the park, and after she rejected his advances, he sexually assaulted. Afterward, the suspect allegedly stole her phone and fled. The woman reportedly caught the attention of a driver, who called 911 for her. An ambulance brought her to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect, described as in his mid-30s to early 40s, had a ponytail, facial hair and a black jacket with an orange lining, cops said.

As of Sunday night, the suspect was still at large.


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