Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence

Thank you to Catherine Imani for turning this cyber bullying into bring attention to this page and we’ll also link to Imani’s piece analyzing a potentially abusive relationship from the outside.

Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence


Each Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and outdoorday we help survivors of domestic violence improve their safety by finding a safe place to stay, exercising their legal rights, exploring options and creating accountability for batterers. We greet women with compassion – no judgment, no second-guessing, and no shame. We provide connection – through relationships built with our staff, support groups and bonds forged with fellow safe house residents.


Is Beyoncé in an abusive 19ff18438cd06521f97dc68f133a5f07-beyonce-and-jay-z-young-beyoncerelationship? Maybe.

As someone who never really followed Beyoncé’s career in depth, and has really only became a diehard fan, the signs are there. The fact is, abuse does not always look like someone being beaten and bloody and can instead look very normal to people on the outside. Beyonce has been so dehumanized by the media and at times her fans that it is easy to forget that she is a real person and more than a cleverly marketed   if inaccessible   concept people project their own ideasfeelings,  and frustrations on. I feel that by taking some of her music at face value, a narrative starts to arrive of a black woman who is conditioned to accept abuse, and rationalizing that abuse to the best of her ability.

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