Bill Cosby Is Pretending To Be A Doctor And Lamekia Dockery Murdered In Jail


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On July 31, 2018, Lamekia Dockery’s name was entered into a sacred cannon of Black women who lost their lives in police custody due to neglect.

Dockery’s tragic story was profiled in a Wednesday report by The New York Times which revealed that she died at the Elkhart Community Corrections work-release facility, located in Indiana. For six long days she complained of excruciating pain, but was given no medical assistance.


According to sources close to Radar Online, the former actor/comedian is acting as Dr. Cliff Huxtable, whom he played on The Cosby Show, and is allegedly treating fellow inmates.

“[He] believes he learned a lot about how to cure people and speak to patients after playing Dr. Huxtable for nearly eight years on The Cosby Show,” the source said.

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