Flint Water Poisoning, Trans Identity, Sex Workers Rights And The Pacific Garbage Patch.



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Michigan AG provides updates on

Flint water crisis investigation

MI Attorney General Nessel updates 3 major investigations

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is pledging to push for justice in three major investigations her office is overseeing, including the Flint water crisis.




Sex Workers Unionize in Guatemala

Island of garbage: the all-female voyage to battle Earth’s plastic crisis

The eXXpedition is trying to make sense of that relentlessness. The women, a mix of scientists, sailors, writers and activists, collected those samples of plastic from the air, water and ocean floor to be analyzed not just in Napper’s lab but in others across the world. The point is that this problem is far larger than the north Pacific – plastic is found throughout all the oceans, in fish, in turtles, in shellfish, everywhere.

Inside Monica Roberts’ Mission to Identi

fy Transgender Murder Victims

Whenever she d

iscovers through Facebook that there’s been a death in the community, she begins investigating, combing through local 

news reports of recent killings in the area. Often, within half an hour, Roberts can match the name of a slain transgender person to a murder victim who has been identified only by their legal name in local coverage. Then she publishes her findings on her long-running blog TransGriot.

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