Flint water crisis claims its youngest Legionnaires’ victim to date

“Her failing health was due to the government failing her”

By Sheila Brehm
27 February 2019

The funeral for one of the youngest victims of Legionnaires’ disease was held Sunday in Flint, Michigan. Jassmine McBride, only 30 years old, contracted the deadly lung disease at the height of the Flint water crisis in 2014. Her death brings the total to 13 people who have died from it. The disease infected at least 90 people.

During a routine visit to McLaren Flint Hospital to treat diabetes in August 2014, when Jassmine was just 26 years old, she was diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. According to a local news report at the time, Jassmine’s mother Jacqueline was devastated and shocked: “The hospital called and said, ‘Do we have permission to resuscitate your daughter?’ I couldn’t understand what happened. She just went to get an iron supplement.”

Jassmine McBride being comforted in her hospital bed

The bacteria had attacked her lungs, leaving her with very little ability to take in sufficient oxygen to live. At that time, Jassmine spent two months heavily sedated in the intensive care unit. Her life was changed forever. Before contracting Legionnaires’, she was a young woman who was active in the band at Central High School, loved to dance and enjoyed singing in her church choir. Although she became unable to physically attend college, she was a determined young woman and began taking online classes to become a medical biller. Before her death, she was permanently tied to an oxygen tank and home-bound.


Sex Workers Make Fresh Call For Decriminalisation

Sex workers have made a fresh call for decriminalisation as part of a push to create better safety for women.

The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) is launching it’s Make All Women Safe campaign on March 3, International Sex Workers’ Rights Day, to push for the decriminalisation of sex work to create safer environments for women.

ECP spokeswoman Niki Adams told RightsInfo that changing the law is an “urgent” matter because of the frequent violence that sex workers face.

Rebekah Charleston’s Story

We need to talk about this person’s real life experience and then talk about how she’s pushing to harm Sex Workers.

Texas anti-sex trafficking activist sues Nevada to end legalized prostitution

An anti-human trafficking activist in North Texas has file

d a federal lawsuit against the state of Nevada in a bid to end legalized prostitution there. T

he complaint, filed Monday morning in Reno by Rebekah Charleston, contends that Nevada’s legal brothels are in violation of federal law preventing interstate commerce in prostitution, and that the market created by those brothels contributes to illegal sex trafficking. It names the state of Nevada, its Legislature and Gov. Steve Sisolak as defendants.

Naked Nashville man punches police officer, affidavit says

According to the affidavit, the officer attempted to place handcuffs on Christy, who “appeared to be intoxicated and possibly mentally ill.” Christy initially complied with the officer’s demands before attempting to resist arrest and striking him with his fist.




Conard allegedly bit Trooper Dustin Fidazzo in the arm as he

Image result for Tonya Jane Conardput a seat belt on her. Police also said she spit on the

floor repeatedly at the state police barracks in Waynesburg, and struck the wall behind a prisoner bench, causing a picture frame to fall and break


Conard is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, DUI, resisting arrest and two counts of disorderly conduct. She was arraigned Tuesday morning before District Judge D. Glenn Bates, who set bail at $25,000. She remains in Greene County jail.

Florida man who allegedly threatened family, ends standoff

The newspaper says the incident unfolded after police initially responded to a call about a possible battery and reportedly learned McLemore had barricaded himself inside a room at the home. The suspect, it added, had called out that “he had a gun to his head,

and he was not going back to prison, no matter what it took.”

After numerous attempts to lure McLemore out of the room proved unsuccessful, SWAT was called in and they deployed the big guns: the promise of pizza.




Man without pants arrested after disturbance, police chase

As one officer talked with the woman, the man jumped in a white truck and took off. Police chased after the man in their patrol cars and eventually pulled him over on 20th Street.

As they spoke with the man in the truck, they observed that he was wearing no pants and only had a shirt and underwear on.

About that time, the man “decided he didn’t enjoy the company of fine officers and sped off southbound on 20th,” Pasco police write in a Facebook post about the incident.

Capital Day seventh-graders raise awareness about dangers of plastic

After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean and studying the lifespan of plastics in Marzi Adi’s science class, the seventh-graders at Capital Day School decided Thursday to act.

The class handed out individual newsletters they wrote on the topic of plastics and the “great garbage patch” to customers at the westside Kroger Thursday morning. They also handed out approximately 20 tote bags made from recycled shirts.

“Right now the ocean is in trouble because there are large amounts of plastic, very large amounts, in the ocean,” said 7th-grader Jackson Robbins. “Supposedly, by 2050 there will be more garbage in the ocean than fish.”

He explained it takes more than handing out fliers and homemade bags to fix a problem as big as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but it’s a place to start.


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