Analyzing Tariq Nasheed And The #Tangibles2020 Idea For Reparations


Hey gang.
So let’s dig into some more of this Tariq Nasheed rhetoric of which he feeds to his captive audience.
This will get you ready for some awkward moments in social media when you see people in full confidence saying things that have a factual backing.

Undercover police: Women were ‘victims of co-ordinated rape

Mark Kennedy (left) in his police uniform and (right) in his undercover days, when he used the name Mark Stone
Image captionMark Kennedy (left) in his police uniform and (right) in his undercover days, when he used the name Mark Stone

A woman who found out her partner was a policeman paid to spy on her group of activists has said she is the victim of a “conspiracy to rape”.

Rosa and another woman have spoken of feeling betrayed after falling in love with men who turned out to be spies.

An ongoing public inquiry into undercover policing has seen several women get apologies and compensation.

Police said officers who had long-term sexual relationships with their targets “abused their positions”.

“If you put all these things together, you have a team of officers conspiring to rape,” said Rosa – not her real name – who told BBC Wales Investigates she discovered the man she thought was her long-term partner was a paid police spy.

“They know there was no informed consent.

“It’s the whole gang of them, and there’s no other way of terming it for me than a gang.

“You’ve got mentors, you’ve got handlers a whole backroom team of people monitoring – and directing it would seem – their relationships, their activities.”

Undercover policeman Jim Boyling
Image captionDet Con Jim Boyling, who had a relationship with a woman he was spying on

For the first time Rosa, and another woman – both from Wales – have revealed on camera the full story of how they became involved in intimate relationships which seemed genuine, but were in fact charades as police forces infiltrated groups they thought needed monitoring.

BBC Wales Investigates has spoken to people and groups across the country coming to terms with finding out the men who posed as friends, fellow campaigners and in some cases lovers, were living a lie.

In 2000, Rosa spent three months in South Africa looking for Jim Sutton, the man she was in love with. The trouble was that man did not really exist.

Rosa met him in a London pub while she was a political activist in a group called Reclaim the Streets. The pair fell for each other quickly, to the extent that Rosa wanted to call the relationship off.

Police officer charged with illegally making, selling guns

A police officer with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has been arrested on charges of manufacturing guns at his upstate home and selling them to motorcycle gang members.

Thirty-eight-year-old Gregg Marinelli is also charged with tipping off a suspect in a major drug investigation, state police and the Orange County district attorney’s office said.

Image result for Gregg MarinelliMarinelli, a sergeant in the DEP police, was arrested Thursday at his home in Plattekill.

Police say Marinelli assembled dozens of handguns and assault rifles and sold them to “individuals who are legally barred from possessing such weapons” including members of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Many of the guns Marinelli sold had no serial numbers and would be difficult to trace, authorities said.

The Times Herald-Record of Middletown reports that Marinelli was arraigned Friday on charges including criminal sale of a firearm, hindering prosecution and conspiracy.

Police: Family staged Black woman’s killing by alleged panhandler

Months after a woman was said to have been killed while giving money to a panhandler in Baltimore, police have arrested her husband and his daughter.

City police announced Sunday the arrests of Keith Smith and his daughter, Valeria Smith, in the Dec. 1, 2018, killing of Jacquelyn Smith. They are charged with first-degree murder.


Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said Keith Smith, 52, of Aberdeen, and Valeria Smith, 28, of Baltimore, were arrested Sunday morning in Harlingen, Texas, near the Mexico border.

“During the course of our investigation, we have developed evidence that Mr. Smith was leaving Maryland, so we made appropriate national notifications, and the Texas State Police arrested him this morning (Sunday),” Harrison said. “All of our investigators for both Keith and Valeria Smith, outlining the evidence in this case to a judge, who reviewed and signed the warrants for first-degree murder.”

Keith Smith and Valeria Smith were arraigned Monday in Cameron County, Texas, Magistrate Court. They are being held without bail. The next step will be an extradition hearing.

They are charged with nine counts on an open warrant in Maryland.

Google won’t pull controversial Saudi government app

App store curators frequently have to walk a fine line when deciding what to ban, and Google is proof positive of this. The internet giant told California Rep. Jackie Speier that it wouldn’t ban Saudi Arabia’s Absher app from Google Play despite calls from Speier and other members of Congress to remove it. The mobile software lets Saudi men control and track travel permissions for women and migrant workers, leading to an outcry that Google and Apple were promoting “sixteenth century tyranny.” However, Google determined that Absher didn’t violate its agreements and could remain on the store.

One Of The World’s Biggest Charities Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People

  • Villagers have been whipped with belts, attacked with machetes, beaten unconscious with bamboo sticks, sexually assaulted, shot, and murdered by WWF-supported anti-poaching units, according to reports and documents obtained by BuzzFeed News.
  • The charity’s field staff in Asia and Africa have organized anti-poaching missions with notoriously vicious shock troops, and signed off on a proposal to kill trespassers penned by a park director who presided over the killings of dozens of people.
  • WWF has provided paramilitary forces with salaries, training, and supplies — including knives, night vision binoculars, riot gear, and batons — and funded raids on villages. In one African country, it embroiled itself in a botched arms deal to buy assault rifles from a brutal army that has paraded the streets with the severed heads of alleged “criminals.”
  • The charity has operated like a global spymaster, organizing, financing, and running dangerous and secretive networks of informants motivated by “fear” and “revenge,” including within indigenous communities, to provide park officials with intelligence — all while publicly denying working with informants.

Unemployed millennial throws cellphone at mom’s head, causes ‘large amount of bleeding’ after she can’t get ride to yoga class: Cops

Albert is accused of causing the large gash in her mothers head, which police reports say resulted in a “large amount of bleeding.”

The mother reportedly used the same phone that hit her in the head to call 911. While she named her daughter as the assailant and officials secured an arrest warrant at that time, Albert wasn’t arrested until last month.

In the interim, the alleged victim says her daughter has remained at the home without any further incident.

“Moreover, I believe that it is in Holly Anne’s best interest that she continue to reside with us, rather than have to make other living arrangements pending a future trial date,” she wrote in a statement to the court.

The mother went on to describe the suspect as unemployed and dependent on her parents for “financial and other support.”


She recommended that Albert be permitted to surrender voluntarily. The suspect has been released from custody on an unsecured bond and is

set to appear in court again later this month.


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