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Black Nurse Racially Profiled While Caring for Patient

Home healthcare nurse, Stephanie Dash, claims she was racially profiled while caring for her white patient in Franklin, Tenn.

Dash, who is Black, stated that she noticed an officer peeping through the window and then that same officer proceeded to knock on her patient’s door. Dash answered the door and the officer asked where the woman who lived in the house was. That officer further explained that the sheriff’s department received a call saying someone in the neighborhood looked suspicious.

Atlantic Canada on irreversible path to significant sea level rise

A new report on climate change has found that parts of Atlantic Canada will experience higher-than-average sea level rise in the coming decades, leading to more storm surges and flooding, ecosystem and infrastructure damage, and coastline erosion.

And while lowering global emissions can mitigate some of the worst case outcomes, experts say this trajectory cannot be reversed and governments need to also focus on protecting infrastructure and planning for the impacts of these projected rises in at-risk communities.

Tabled on Tuesday, the sweeping report, called Canada’s Changing Climate, was led by Environment and Climate Change Canada and authored by government scientists across a number of departments.

From Charity Village:

Pivot is seeking a full-time staff lawyer to support our ongoing work and with a focus on our campaign to advance the human rights of sex workers.

About Us

Pivot works in partnership with communities affected by poverty and social exclusion to identify priorities and develop solutions to complex human rights issues. Our mission is to work alongside communities to create a just, fair and equitable society through litigation, law reform, research and legal education. Pivot’s work tends to focus on four policy areas: police accountability, drug policy, homelessness, and sex workers’ rights.

We combine strategic litigation with high-impact public education and advocacy campaigns to maximize our effectiveness. Our deep collaboration with people and grassroots movements, combined with our unique approach to social change makes Pivot the only human rights organization of its kind in Canada.

About You

You understand how a lawyer can act as an ally and are comfortable navigating spaces that are intended for sex workers; including spaces available to woman, trans*, gender-variant or Two-Spirit identified workers. You bring an understanding of the ways in which criminalization negatively impacts the health, safety, and human rights of people who trade or sell sex.

You are a strong project manager. You are self-reflective, a strategic thinker and an excellent relationship builder. You are committed to working with grassroots organizations and believe that lawyers can play an important role as allies within social movements. You can demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills and are looking for an exciting, dynamic, and collaborative working environment. You are ready for the challenge of combining litigation with law and policy reform work, community engagement, public communications, and political advocacy.

You bring an intersectional analysis to your work that relies upon an understanding of settler colonialism, white supremacy, classism, patriarchy, trans-misogyny, ableism, and anti-substance user, and sex work stigma. Applicants are strongly invited to share how their lived experience informs their approach and ethics.

Party policies leave out sex workers in the fight against gender-based violence

The silence on sex work is a “clear lack of commitment to sex worker’s rights” says Ishtar Lakhani, the advocacy manager at the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT).

In 2018 the Multi-Party Women’s Caucus arranged a summit so that interested parties could comment on the South African Law Reform’s report on “adult prostitution”. The report recommended two things: that sex work remains criminalised or that it is partially criminalised. The recommendations of this report left many sex work advocacy groups disappointed.  At that summit, EFF was in full support of the decriminalisation of sex work.

However, in the EFF manifesto, it promises to “legalise sex work”. “A lot of people who aren’t sex workers often mix up the terms,” says Lakhani.

“There are roughly four legal models. There is criminalisation, partial criminalisation which is also called the Swedish model, decriminalisation and legalisation.”

Amsterdam sex workers angry at red light district tours ban

Tourists pack into Amsterdam's red light district.

The Dutch capital plans to ban such tours, saying they are disrespectful and contribute to congestion in the narrow, canal-side streets where scantily-clad sex workers sit behind windows to attract customers.

The first step in the new policy was taken Monday night in the red light district, with tours banned from 7 p.m.

On a recent Friday night, the problem was clear to see: Tourists bathed in a red glow emanating from the windows and peep shows’ neon lights were packed shoulder to shoulder as they shuffled through the alleys.

But sex workers’ union Proud questions whether banning tours will reduce tourist numbers and argues that guides educate visitors and encourage them to behave more respectfully toward the women.

Bill O’Reilly has been working as a NewsmaxTV host since he was canned from Fox News after details of millions of dollars in settlements for sexual harassment allegations against him came to light, and yesterday he shared his empathy with former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been accused of behaving inappropriately toward women.

In a clip of a NewsmaxTV broadcast uploaded to YouTube yesterday, O’Reilly said that Biden posed “the stiffest challenge” to President Trump in the road ahead to the 2020 election because Biden has the most name recognition among the general public compared to other Democrats eyeing the party nomination. Biden has not formally announced a 2020 bid, but The Wall Street Journal reports that Biden has been lining up major donors so that he can quickly raise millions of dollars for an impending campaign.

In the last week, two women have alleged that Biden touched them inappropriately. On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that two more women made additional allegations of inappropriate behavior toward them by Biden. Criticisms of Biden’s behavior toward women and the nickname “Creepy Uncle Joe” have circulated for years, but the recently reported allegations have inspired many on the progressive left to criticize and question the former vice president. To critics voicing concerns, Biden’s behavior demonstrates a fundamental disconnect between the potential candidate and modern conversations about how men in power should behave toward women.

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