Cis Black Woman Forced To Alter Her Body For Cis White RaCISts


Caster Semenya is being forced to alter her body to make slower runners feel secure in their womanhood

By Chase Strangio, trans activist and staff attorney, ACLU

Discrimination against some women is “necessary” to protect other women, according to the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s ruling in the Caster Semenya case.

The CAS’ decision comes in a challenge to the International Association of Athletics Federations’ regulations for athletes with differences of sex development brought by Semenya, the Black South African runner who produces more testosterone naturally than has been deemed typical of cisgender women. The regulations that Semenya challenged would require her to artificially suppress her hormone levels in order to continue to compete in women’s events. In the executive summary of the still-confidential full decision, the court explained that the “regulations are discriminatory but that … such discrimination is a necessary.”

This English collective says Brexit unfairly targets sex workers for deportation

Laura Watson is the spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes in London. She spoke with The World’s Carol Hills about what Brexit has meant for the numerous foreign prostitutes residing in the UK and what her organization is doing to help foreign sex workers who are being unfairly threatened and deported from around the country.

A woman holds a sign that says "Sex workers and residents against police raids and closures."Laura Watson: We are a sex worker organization based here in the UK, but we have an international network, including a sister organization in San Francisco. We also campaign for alternatives to prostitution, so that nobody is forced into it if they don’t want to be. We campaign for decriminalization and the removal of the prostitution laws, so that sex workers can work together for safety, which we currently cannot do. Police are going around very regularly threatening women with arrest for prostitution for just working together with a friend. Women are having to move around a lot more and are running from the police. Therefore, it’s very hard to establish basic safety, such as CCTV. It’s a pretty scary time to be working.

New York is the first major city to allow free calls from jail

(CNN)New York City is now the first major city to make phone calls free from jail, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced. The measure went into effect Wednesday after being passed last year by the city council.

“For too long have people in custody faced barriers to basic aspects of everyday life that can help create more humane jails,” de Blasio said in a statement.
Those in custody were previously charged 50 cents for the first minute of a phone call, and five cents for any additional minutes. Now the Department of Correction will cover the cost of the more than 25,000 calls that are made from New York City jails, the city said. People in the general population will be able to make calls every three hours anywhere in the United States for a total of 21 minutes.

Flint water prosecutors get 6 weeks — not 6 months — to review new records in Lyon case

The judge said Friday that his only consideration in deciding the motion to quash — or dismiss — the charges against Lyon is determining whether District Court Judge David Goggins abused his discretion in binding Lyon over for trial.

Farah said if prosecutors find information that helps or hurts their case against Lyon, it won’t effect his decision on the dismissal question but could result in the case being sent back to district court.


Cops Charged After Video Shows Them Pull Disabled Man From His Home, Torture Him in Front Yard

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