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Chicago Cop Accused of Sexually Assaulting Trans Woman

A Chicago police officer has been accused of forcing a transgender woman to perform a sex act on him. According to the victim, the officer approached the woman while she was with her boyfriend, and threatened to arrest her for prostitution.

According to documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, the incident allegedy took place in a marked police vehicle on the West side of the city.

The woman reported the sexual assault at Rush University Medical Center shortly after the alleged incident in March, police reports indicate. At the same time, she handed over what she said was DNA evidence implicating the officer, the reports show.

But police weren’t able to talk to her until several weeks later. She told detectives that she had been sexually assaulted by a “white shirt” — a common reference to Chicago police supervisors because of their uniform.

The sergeant allegedly told the woman that if she did not want to go to jail she would have to perform a sex act on him, because “that’s what you do.”

“I can make you one of my regulars,” the African- American transgender woman, 39, quoted the white officer as saying.

Documents obtained by the Tribune through a public-records request show this same officer had been recommended for firing more than 20 years ago after an investigation by the department’s Internal Affairs Division. That investigation found the officer and a partner had threatened to throw a convicted felon back into prison on bogus drug charges unless he handed over an illegal gun.

The officer was ultimately given just a 30-day suspension.



threatening her, according to police reports.

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