IKEA Facing Boycott in Poland Over Sacking of LGBT-Critical Employee

The former employee, a devout Catholic, reportedly published “homophobic” Bible quotes on the furniture giant’s intranet and believes that he was fired due to religious discrimination.

IKEA risks boycott in Poland after an employee claims to have been fired because of his views on homosexuality and sexual minorities, national Swedish broadcaster SVT reported.

The man reportedly published “homophobic messages” on IKEA’s intranet in connection with IKEA’s corporate event to support LGBT rights on International Day against homo-, bi- and transphobia in May. Parts of the “LGBT-hostile” message were reportedly direct Bible quotes.

IKEA urged him to remove the posts and when he refused, he was fired.

The man explained that he is a devout Catholic and that that he cannot share the company’s values. He described himself as “shaken” and argued that he had been the victim of religious discrimination.

Every day we are proud to work with and represent people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, and during , we celebrate all those who help create a more beautiful world – just by being in it.

According to Ziobro, Poland is currently forced to deal with a phenomenon in which “legal and economic violence” is used against “those who don’t share the views of homo-activists”.

The fired IKEA employee has also been offered legal assistance from Deputy Justice Minister Patryk Jaki, who also called to investigate whether the furniture giant discriminates against Catholics.

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