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Landlord denies evicting tenant for having black guests: ‘Some of the best friends I got is colored

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. – A North Georgia couple denies evicting their tenant because she had a black family come over for a playdate.

The claims against Allen and Patricia McCoy are in a federal lawsuit filed in Atlanta’s Northern District Wednesday. The tenant, Victoria Sutton, is represented by the ACLU of Georgia in the housing discrimination claim.

Sutton said Allen McCoy called her a “n-word lover” shortly after a black co-worker’s family left her Adairsville rental home last fall.

Sutton said she had invited them over for a playdate and hugged the co-worker goodbye. The complaint said, later in the day, Mr. McCoy told her she should be ashamed of herself and he would call Child Protective Services for having a “n-word on their property.”

Later in the evening, Sutton said she called Patricia McCoy at Allen McCoy’s direction after he threatened to evict her, saying she should have thought about the consequences before she “brought that n-word around.”

Sutton said she recorded that conversation, and Patricia McCoy allegedly said, “I don’t put up with n-words in my (house) and I don’t want them in my property.”

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