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Full Anthony Clark Episode. – Peep Game On A Real Congressional Candidate

All Power to All the People

Anthony Clark is running for Congress,  and he is fighting to create an America where power belongs to all of us – not just to corporations and the elite.anthony clark

The Anthony Clark 2020 campaign is fighting alongside Illinoisans to champion the needs of hard working, marginalized community members. If we work together, we can create doors of opportunity for all through equitable education, quality employment, and justice for all, while taking zero corporate PAC money. Our campaigning is 100% people-funded.

Together, we will be able to determine our destinies. No big money PACS, no backroom deals, no owing any favors. The only people we owe are each other in helping to create systemic change.

By design, we have a government that fights to keep power out of the hands of working families and everyday people. It’s time for an Illinois that represents and fights for the many and not the few.headshot

I am a disabled military veteran, teacher, non-profit director, small business co-owner, organizer, and Democratic Socialist, born-and-raised in the Chicagoland area fighting for children, everyday individuals, and working families in Congress.

This movement for congress is about creating a society where ALL community members have equal access to opportunity free from hate and oppression. It’s about a teacher being able to look into the eyes of students and see a future of housing,  jobs,  justice, and civil rights. It’s about investing in undeveloped communities, so that all communities can thrive.


Why Support Anthony?

Illinois 7 deserves a fighter.

Anthony’s favorite quote comes from Muhammad Ali, “Service to others is the rent we pay for room here on this Earth.” Throughout his life, Anthony has fought to pay rent as a veteran, teacher, non-profit director, business co-owner, and collaborator with policy makers.

anthony clark speaking upGrowing up watching how hard his grandparents and parents worked to provide the family with greater opportunity, Anthony dedicated his life to serving others, to ‘paying rent.’ His service has led him all over the world and eventually back to the 7th Congressional district where he is mounting a 100% grassroots campaign to bring systemic change to his community.

Through his community work, Anthony has raised thousands of dollars and engaged in actions to support and empower the most vulnerable. Anthony has been recognized as a Golden Apple Teacher nominee, a Bright Star Award recipient, a Fred Hampton Community Leader Award recipient, the 2016 Oak Park Villager of the Year runner up, and the 2017 Oak Park Villager of the Year award winner. His upbringing, education, and experiences have given him the perspective and insight to properly fight for everyday Americans.

Anthony understands what it takes to create opportunity for all Illinoisans, and knows the policies necessary to achieve (truly) liberty and justice for all.


What We Can Achieve Together

Medicare For All

The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a single-payer, medicare-for-all system!

Housing As a Human Right

Fair, inclusive housing policies are the only way to ensure people can afford to pay rent

Diplomacy Over War

The Anthony Clark 2020 campaign believes in fighting to end war, to eliminate the military industrial complex, and to redefine how society views patriotism.

A Federal Jobs Guarantee

A federal jobs guarantee program would establish a floor for wages and benefits for the nation’s workforce

Gun Control/Assault Weapons Ban

Anthony supports the strictest gun laws in the country – including bans on assault weapons, bump stocks & high-capacity magazines

Criminal Justice Reform/End Private Prisons

Our fates should be determined by us, not by our districts. Criminal justice and racial justice shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.



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