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Coverage On The Loss Of Kiki Fantroy

Kiki Fantroy Is 13th Black Trans Woman Reportedly Murdered in 2019

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, Kiki Fantroy was murdered on Wednesday morning. While they do not believe the murder was a hate crime, Fantroy’s mother has publicly speculated that she was targeted because of her gender identity. Fantroy’s sister is reportedly also skeptical about this news.

According to the Miami Herald, Fantroy was killed during an argument and found near an abandoned home. Her mother says she was returning home from a party with friends when this happened. Police have since distributed fliers and the local Crime Stoppers is offering $3,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer. Police have said that there was a group of people nearby the shooting.

“Last night when I read the story, it broke my heart. I actually was in tears,” Sahfari Ebony, of the League of Extraordinary Transgender Women told Local 10. That organization provides resources to Black trans women in South Florida.

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Kiki Fantroy has been named as the 13th black transgender homicide victim so far this year (Human Rights Campaign)

A 21-year-old black transgender woman was fatally shot in Miami, Florida on Wednesday (31 July), marking the 13th known murder of a black trans woman in the US this year.

Kiki Fantroy was reportedly shot on a street corner near an abandoned home after an argument that turned violent. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she died of her injuries.

Fantroy is mourned by her mother, Rhonda Comer, who remembered her as having “a heart of gold” and being “a very loving person.”

She told the Miami Herald: “This feeling is indescribable. The pain. The void. You know that feeling after losing a child and you losing a child for no apparent reason. Because she’s gay.

Take Back the Night Celebration Honors Kiki Fantroy

Kiki Fantroy Via SFGN

It’s happened again. Another black trans woman was murdered. Kiki Fantroy was shot to death in Miami last week. According to local reports, her friends and family think the 21-year-old was targeted because of her gender identity.

Police have not arrested a suspect in her death. So far, at least 13 black trans women have been murdered in 2019, according to the Human Rights Commission.

Now, other trans women of color are asking the community to come together to remember Fantroy.

“We’re all in the same community,” said Jasmine McKenzie, Health Program Facilitator at Pridelines. “We don’t have a lot of support and this is a chance to start making a change.”

The event is called ‘Take Back the Night.’ It’s a celebration of the power and strength of black transwomen. The League of Extraordinary Transgender Women is dedicating the evening to Fantroy.


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