Kiki Fantroy Via SFGN

It’s happened again. Another black trans woman was murdered. Kiki Fantroy was shot to death in Miami last week. According to local reports, her friends and family think the 21-year-old was targeted because of her gender identity.

Police have not arrested a suspect in her death. So far, at least 13 black trans women have been murdered in 2019, according to the Human Rights Commission.

Now, other trans women of color are asking the community to come together to remember Fantroy.

“We’re all in the same community,” said Jasmine McKenzie, Health Program Facilitator at Pridelines. “We don’t have a lot of support and this is a chance to start making a change.”

The event is called ‘Take Back the Night.’ It’s a celebration of the power and strength of black transwomen. The League of Extraordinary Transgender Women is dedicating the evening to Fantroy.