Conversion Therapy Leaders Arrested On Trafficking Charges

The former head of a conversion therapy camp in Alabama who allegely used a belt to beat the “the [gay] demon” out of boys who were sent there has been indicted by a grand jury for human trafficking through a new religious home he and his wife set up in Texas.

Gary Wiggins and his wife, Meaghan Wiggins, who ran the Joshua Home, an alleged “home for troubled boys” in Burnet County, Texas, are accused of trafficking underage boys and forcing them into labor services, according to Austin TV station KXAN.

A year ago, eight boys between the ages of 10 and 17 were removed from the home during a raid; theWigginses had relocated their operation from Pineville, Mo., before authorities there could investigate similar charges. At the time of the raid in May of 2018, the boys made no accusations against the couple that warranted criminal charges. The Wigginses left the state and returned to Alabama until recently, when investigators tracked them down and returned them to Burnet County.

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