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Adult Film Company Buys Website Dedicated To Doxxing Sex Workers, Burns Their Files

Adult film production company Bang Bros announced on Thursday that it bought PornWikiLeaks.com—a website devoted to doxing and harassing porn performers—with the intent to shut it down forever.

In place of the PornWikiLeaks homepage, users see a letter from BangBros, stating that the company has taken possession “of all [PornWikiLeaks’] hard-drives full of sensitive and personal information,” and included a link to a video of someone pouring flammable fluid onto a pile of hard drives and lighting it on fire.

“Over 15,000 performers’ real names were listed here. Some had phone numbers, addresses, even family members names posted as well. That type of information wasn’t voluntarily submitted. It was stolen from anyone that had it posted,” the announcement, addressed to “our industry peers,” states. “While shutting this site down doesn’t purge the internet of all possible ties to real names and what not, it does make it one less place to harbor and find these things easily. A forum that had 300,000 posts on it, most of them negative and hate-filled, has now disappeared.”

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