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Worst Boyfriend Ever Blamed Girlfriend For Fatal Car Crash He Caused

BROOKLYN — A fatal Kensington motorcycle crash was caused by a drunken driver who slammed into the cyclist, ripped his bike in half, then told cops his girlfriend had been behind the wheel, according to prosecutors.

Christopher Diaz, 24, now stands charged with manslaughter in the May 27 death of expectant father Alexander Evvon, who was struck while making a turn on Ocean Parkway at 3:55 a.m. Diaz backed the girlfriend’s phony claim to save his own skin, and urged two other passengers in the car to lie along with him, authorities said Tuesday.
Diaz’s girlfriend Jasmin Morales-Cruz no longer faces charges in the fatality after telling police she was a designated driver and had just a single drink before the fatal wreck. She is instead now accused of conspiracy, obstruction of governmental administration and hindering prosecution.

Morales-Cruz tested legally drunk with a blood alcohol level of .11, authorities said. But when investigators went back to verify her story, they found surveillance video capturing the couple and two other passengers drinking in three different bars before Evvon’s death, said Gonzalez.

One of the videotapes caught Diaz climbing into the driver’s seat shortly before the deadly crash, and investigators also uncovered text messages asking the two passengers to lie about who was behind the wheel, authorities alleged. Both later identified Diaz as the driver at the time of the deadly crash.

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