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Phoenix Calida International Plus Transphobic Murder And Climate Change

Posted: 7:52 PM, Sep 10, 2019
Updated: 9:33 AM, Sep 11, 2019

The murder of an African-American transgender woman from Pahokee has created a lot of concerns in South Florida’s transgender community. Advocates say while investigators still work on a motive there’s a spotlight on what’s becoming a larger nationwide issue.

“Hopefully a resolution to the situation by showing people that it’s an issue,” said Compass

Community Center Transgender Youth Program Coordinator Lucas O’Ryan.

O’Ryan is describing the death of 23-year-old Bee Love Slater of Pahokee. On Sept. 4, Hendry County Sheriff’s deputies found Slaters body in a burned vehicle. It’s the 18th murder in the trans community nationwide this year; 17 of the women killed are disproportionately black.

Sweden’s highest peak shrinks, loses tallest status, thanks to a warmer climate

If you think it’s hot now, just wait. Heat waves are becoming more frequent globally. But how do we measure heat waves? We explain. Just the FAQs, USA TODAY


The south summit of Kebnekaise mountain, the highest peak in Sweden, is iconic.

Several thousand climb or hike to the top every year, Ninis Rosqvist, director of Tarfala Research Station, which measures the summit annually, told USA TODAY.

But the reason for its notoriety has begun to shrink, literally.

Researchers at Stockholm University‘s Tarfala Research Station have found that the highest peak in the country, is the lowest it’s been in recorded history. And the new height dethrones the peak from its status of tallest summit in Sweden. Scientists began recording the mountain’s height in 1880, Rosqvist said.

Indonesian forests are burning, and Malaysia and Singapore are choking on the fumes

Intense forest fires have raged across the Indonesian regions of Sumatra and Kalimantan in recent weeks. More than 930,000 hectares (about 2.3 million acres) of land have been burned, hundreds of residents evacuated, and more than 9,000 personnel have been deployed to battle the flames, according to CNN Indonesia.
Nearby, Singapore and Malaysia have both choked in a dense haze all week, with air quality reaching unhealthy levels.
The fires were allegedly caused by farmers using slash and burn techniques to clear the ecologically rich land — the same practice that led to uncontrollable fires in the Brazilian Amazon this summer.


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