Court Docs Find That Rapist Cop May Actually Be Serial Rapist Cop #GoodCops

SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane Police Officer accused of second-degree rape may have had inappropriate contact with at least two other women he met while on duty.

That’s according to court documents obtained by KHQ that also indicate that Nathan Nash commonly gave out his personal cellphone number to other victims. Nash is currently charged with one count of second-degree rape and two counts of official misconduct.

The original case against Nash started on October 23, when he showed up to an apartment in Spokane as part of a domestic violence investigation. According to court documents, Nash visited her home “under the guise of examining bruises as evidence for a prior domestic violence case. He directed [the victim] to lower her pants and underwear and she submitted to his authority.” Nash is then accused of “penetrating her with his fingers.” She told investigators that she panicked internally but “thought maybe this was part of what he’s supposed to do.” After about 30 seconds to a minute, the woman said she told Nash “okay, that’s enough.”

She said after the interview, Nash gave her what he said was his personal cellphone number, then left. She said she contacted her parents and then went to Holy Family Hospital for a sexual assault examination kit. Her father also reported the incident to Spokane Police.

After Nash’s investigation went public, another woman came forward with her story, which shares several elements in common with the original victim’s complaint. The new allegation from the woman occurred in May 2019. She said that Nash was investigating a domestic violence dispute between herself and her ex-boyfriend. He made a point of turning off his body camera during his interview with her, and then also gave her his cellphone number, saying that if anything happens she should call him rather than 911, because he can respond more quickly. She said that over the course of the next few weeks, Nash found and friended her on Facebook, “liking” photos of her in lingerie. She told investigators that Nash’s messages became “creepy” and “needy” and she felt he “had a hidden agenda of starting a relationship with her.”

A third woman came forward at the end of October, also after seeing coverage of the investigation into Nash. She reported her complaint/tip through seesomethingsaysomething.us, adding “yeah apparently some smart a** cop decided to game me because I’m attractive.” According to her statement to investigators, she was a volunteer with Spokane Police, working with the COPS programs. She said she met Nash during a volunteering shift, and he gave her his personal cellphone number. Very quickly, she said, he began sending inappropriate messages to her. According to the court documents, Nash then texted her “I’m too old to play games, no need in beating around the bush. I just say exactly what’s on my mind, unless I’m on body camera.”

Nash’s body camera is part of the investigation into his wrongdoing. As part of the official misconduct charge against, investigators say Nash turned off his body camera, and software that tracks his vehicle, in an effort, they believe, to hide his attempts to develop a relationship with the domestic violence victim he’s accused of sexually assaulting.

During an interview with investigators, court documents say Nash did admit to touching her, but he said she placed his hand on her private parts, and he was just trying to do his job. In his telling, Nash believed the victim was coming on to him and his decision not to report their contact was done “primarily out of concern for sparing [the victim] embarrassment over the incident.”

He also told investigators that his body camera wasn’t on because he felt the victim would be more comfortable not being recorded. As for the vehicle tracking software, he said he routinely has to reboot the software because of tracking issues, and that it took a couple minutes to come back online.

Through his attorney, Rocky Treppiedi, Nash has denied all the charges against him, and said he looks forward to full exoneration. He was arrested on Friday, November 22, and released the next day. He made his first court appearance Tuesday, November 26, where he pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. His trial is now set for February 18, 2020.

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