Post Racial\ White criminal White Terrorist

White People Grafiti “Fuck White People” To Blame Non White People

It seems that some lazy white supremacists have taken to the “Blacks Rule” tactic and spray painted “Fuck White People” on a sidewalk in Queens, NY.

This is reminiscent of the white man of whom spray painted “Blacks Rule” on his own driveway.

According to a ridiculous report making the rounds, Southern vandals ripped down thisScreen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.39.03 PM 85-year-old “disabled vet’s Mississippi state flag and left the remains in his driveway.” That’s not all they did, however. The “vandals” also defaced a walkway at Bob Comans’ home by spray painting “Blacks Rule” on it.


“The white man of whom vandalized his own truck and said “the niggraz did it”.

Scott Lattin, a disabled veteran, told Whitney police on Sept. 8 someone tagged his truck with “Black Lives Matter” and other graffiti because he displayed pro-police messages and symbols on his pickup.

The white woman of whom carved her own face during the first Obama campaign.


The white woman that cheated on her boyfriend and said some colored boys done gone’d and raped her.


The white woman of whom planned to rob a house blame it on some nigger fellers but the child spoke out of her plans.


Four-year-old Abby (pictured) is solely responsible for foiling her babysitter, boyfriend, and his friend’s alleged plot to rob her home of valuables then blame the invasion on Black men. Thanks to the pint-sized smartie, who informed the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office in Bellingham, Wash., that the culprits were in fact White and not the innocent Black neighbor Cody Oaks (pictured below) police arrested, he was released, according to Q13 Fox.



And of course the New York Daily news is just running with this story and even fearmongering on the fact that there’s red underlining beneath the letters.

That’s right. Scary red letters.
Let’s see how this plays out.

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