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In 2019, More Straight Men Diagnosed With HIV Than Gay Men

According to DNA Magaine,  more straight men were diagnosed with HIV than gay men in 2019. It is the first time this has happened in Australia since the HIV/AIDS crisis began in the 1980s.

The number of new HIV diagnoses in gay men was 51% lower this year compared to the average over the previous five years.

However, among straight men it was 21% higher, with 26 cases detected in the past 12 months, largely attributed to middle-aged heterosexual identifying men contracting the disease while abroad.

On World AIDS Day, Health Minister Roger Cook launched the “Going Somewhere?” campaign to target and educate at-risk men traveling overseas.

“Going Somewhere?” is aimed at men who travel and who may not be aware of the risk of acquiring and spreading HIV, and other STIs. It reminds men to take precautions, use condoms and visit a GP or sexual health clinic for a check-up when they get home,” Cook said in a statement.

The campaign features posters and electronic billboards at the international departures area and in men’s bathrooms, urging people to take condoms with them when they travel, practice safe sex and get tested if they are at risk.

Beyond condom use, men are also urged to use  PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. The minister said the gay community had set the example for safe sex messaging which he attributed to the falling HIV rates within the community.

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