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Man Abandons Son On Roadside For Being Gay

Haines City Police Department arrested Evenaud Julmeus on Sunday after they determined that he had left his son on the side of the road after an argument where he accused the boy of being gay.

Local news channel WSBTV reported that the boy, whose name has not been disclosed and age has been redacted, was discovered outside of a police station with a duffel bag. He had no food, water or money on his person.

According to the police report, Julmeus had discovered the boy watching male pornography on his cellular phone and the pair began to argue. The conflict escalated until the older man told his son to pack a bag and get into the car.

Once the pair reached a police station, Julmeus allegedly told the boy that “police will find you a new home.” Julmeus then forced the boy to get out of the car.

A bystander told police that they saw the child get out of the car, and took the boy to authorities.

Julmeus has been charged with 3 counts of negligent child abuse.

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