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Mom Sentenced To 25 Years For Killing Gay Son

A jury in Brazil has sentenced Tatiana Ferreira Lozano Pereira to 25 years in prison for killing her 17-year-old son, Itaberli Lozano.

According to prosecutors, Pereira never accepted her son’s sexuality. The two argued so much,  Lozano went to live with his grandmother. Pereira then hatched a plan to murder the gay teen. Pereira convinced Lozano to come back home so she could reconcile with him.In reality, she had actually hired hitmen named Victor Roberto da Silva and Miller da Silva Barissa to kill Lozano. the pair of hitmen were waiting for Lozano to come home so they could murder him.

The hitmen did admit to beating the teen, but refused to kill him. That’s when Pereira  grabbed a knife and stabbed her son herself.  Then Pereira and her husband, Alex Pereira, took the body to a cane field and set it on fire. The remains were found a week later, and required a forensic investigation to identify.

Speaking to police, Lozano’s uncle Dario Rosa said, “He had a job, he was very polite, [and] he never quarreled with anyone. He only had problems with his mother, who did not accept that he was a homosexual.”

At trial, Tatiana Pereira said that she fought with her son because he brought men home and used drugs — she maintainted that she was not homophobic. She said that Lozano had flown into a rage and threatened to kill her.

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