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Transgender Women Respond In Self Defense Against Transphobic Hate Monger In Restaurant.

Video captures trans women beating up their harassers inside restaurant

Timothy Rawles – SDGLN Community Editor
Trans women respond to harassment with fists.
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Two trans women took justice into their own hands after being harassed by two male customers at a restaurant according to a YouTube video.

In the clip, the women are eating peacefully at their table when a man in a green shirt suddenly jumps in to sit next to a blonde woman eating her meal and mocks her in Spanish, “I’d like to sit with a lady.”

Some patrons laugh in the background as the man goes back to sit down.

But things cross a line as yet another male guest in blue speaking in Spanish takes an apparent verbal jab at the women by asking about their genitalia, “what do you have? what’s there?”

After repeatedly warning the men to stop talking and respect not only them but all women, the man in blue calls them “fa**ots” (:38) at which point the other girl takes things into her own hands by throwing punches.

The brawl gets more heated when the original harasser holds the other woman back but she breaks free and both of them go after the same man, one takes off her shoe and begins to beat him with it.

In the end the men are left dazed, one on the floor and the other rubbing his head while staggering across the restaurant.

The video has garnered just over 5K views with comments mostly applauding the women and their actions.

“They got off easy, I’m trans and a lotta my gfs are carrying heat now. Y’all watch tf out,” wrote  Dawnia Carney.

Most people agree with the women’s actions in the video and say the men got what they deserved.

Still another viewer thinks it wasn’t the men’s fault at all.

“The transwomen were the AGRESSORS in this situation,” writes Kiana. “The first one started yelling at the guy sitting down and then she swung the first punch and her friend jumped in. They were WRONG. Real women get harassed all the time but we usually call the police when it happens. We dont ESCALATE the situation because we know that it could get us Killed. This video is nothing but Male-privelege in a dress.”

Another said in response to that remark, “He’s basically saying that real woman cannot defend themselves and just look cute and inoffensive. This transphobic doesn’t know female boxers or athletes. Pathetic.”

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