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Social Dissonance – Conversation Radio – 2/1/20 – Call In With Your Take On The News Of The Week

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If you don’t know, the hosts of the program are Phoenix Calida and William J Jackson.  We’ve been trying to figure out how we’re going to play this new move and expansion of our programming.  To get around work schedules, parenting and running our household, we landed on 6:00pm CST on Saturdays.

We will be live with phone lines open to call in with what you think of the news of the week.  We’re also trying to increase our monetization (of course).  Phoenix And William 2016 Kangol hat

From 2016 to 2019 we’ve pulled enough support that Phoenix Calida was able to get out of her office job at that abusive, invasive church.  Now she’s a board member with a Sex Workers Rights organization and moving forward.

Now we need to pull enough support to get William J Jackson out of body breaking factory work he’s in.

Right now, we hover around 65 patreon supporters and it’s a mean reach but we’ll need to get to around 250 before we can look into quitting that job as we still need to keep our household afloat and eating.

On our Saturday  show we’ll be going back over news that matters from the week and getting your take on it if you’d like to call in and share.



Cop Arrested After Conducting Illegal Strip Searches

A veteran sheriff’s deputy in Texas has been arrested after being accused of illegally strip searching six women in under two weeks.

Floyd Berry, an 18-year veteran of Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested after the women accused him of misconduct in an 11-day stretch from Nov. 24-Dec. 4., the department said. The women ranged in ages from 26-52, and multiple victims reported being separated from male companions, forced into the back of a police car, taken to a secluded wooded area, and then being told to strip. Another victim noted that Berry was visibly aroused during the search. Berry never documented any of the searches in his official paperwork.

He was initially placed on administrative duty as the department’s Internal Affairs Unit investigated the complaints along with the FBI’s Public Corruption Task Force, the sheriff’s department said in a release.

He was arrested Saturday when he arrived for duty at Bexar’s Adult Detention Center and charged with three counts of official oppression, which are Class A misdemeanors. His bail was set at $45,000.

He was also given a proposed termination, the department said of the move that is tantamount to being fired.

The department is now conducting “separate but concurrent administrative and criminal investigations” into the claims against him, a spokesperson said.

#MenAreResponsibleFor Is An Interesting Jump Off Point To Discuss Patriarchy

Among Things we find trending this week, we have the “Men Are Responsible For” hashtag.

Of course, we can delve into race and class on this without discounting that this jumping off point is and broad allowing it to be as constructive as we choose to make it.

Let’s see how some folks are doing with it on twitter.



So Apparently Satanic Pregnancies Are The New Trump Era Thing.

Video Player

Trump’s spiritual adviser calls for ‘all satanic pregnancies to miscarry now’

This week, Donald Trump became the first acting president to attend the ‘March for Life’ rally, the biggest anti-abortion gathering in the United States. 

At the event, Trump vowed to ‘protect the unborn’ which would fall in line with the Evangelical Christian agenda that his administration has adopted in recent months in the run up to the 2020 election.

However, it would appear that his outspoken ‘spiritual adviser,’ Paula White-Cain, who was appointed to the administration in October, has a slightly different view on abortions.

White-Cain, whose own church went bankrupt in 2012 and preaches the financially focused ‘prosperity gospel,’ said in a recent sermon that ‘all satanic pregnancies’ should miscarry now.

In a tweet posted by ‘Right Wing Watch,’ White-Cain said:

In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.

We declare that anything that has been conceived in satanic wombs that it miscarry.

It will not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction.

The 53-year-old also called on her followers to “break the strange winds sent against our president” and to “cancel every surprise from the witchcraft in the make-believe kingdom.”

It’s not entirely clear what she means by ‘satanic pregnancies’ but in the wake of Trump’s recent switch from ‘pro-choice’ to ‘pro-life’ this video of White-Cain has generated a lot of interest, with many horrified by what she had said.


Transgender Women Respond In Self Defense Against Transphobic Hate Monger In Restaurant.

Video captures trans women beating up their harassers inside restaurant

Timothy Rawles – SDGLN Community Editor
Trans women respond to harassment with fists.
Photo credit:

Two trans women took justice into their own hands after being harassed by two male customers at a restaurant according to a YouTube video.

In the clip, the women are eating peacefully at their table when a man in a green shirt suddenly jumps in to sit next to a blonde woman eating her meal and mocks her in Spanish, “I’d like to sit with a lady.”

Some patrons laugh in the background as the man goes back to sit down.

But things cross a line as yet another male guest in blue speaking in Spanish takes an apparent verbal jab at the women by asking about their genitalia, “what do you have? what’s there?”

Video Player

After repeatedly warning the men to stop talking and respect not only them but all women, the man in blue calls them “fa**ots” (:38) at which point the other girl takes things into her own hands by throwing punches.

The brawl gets more heated when the original harasser holds the other woman back but she breaks free and both of them go after the same man, one takes off her shoe and begins to beat him with it.

In the end the men are left dazed, one on the floor and the other rubbing his head while staggering across the restaurant.

The video has garnered just over 5K views with comments mostly applauding the women and their actions.

“They got off easy, I’m trans and a lotta my gfs are carrying heat now. Y’all watch tf out,” wrote  Dawnia Carney.

Most people agree with the women’s actions in the video and say the men got what they deserved.

Still another viewer thinks it wasn’t the men’s fault at all.

“The transwomen were the AGRESSORS in this situation,” writes Kiana. “The first one started yelling at the guy sitting down and then she swung the first punch and her friend jumped in. They were WRONG. Real women get harassed all the time but we usually call the police when it happens. We dont ESCALATE the situation because we know that it could get us Killed. This video is nothing but Male-privelege in a dress.”

Another said in response to that remark, “He’s basically saying that real woman cannot defend themselves and just look cute and inoffensive. This transphobic doesn’t know female boxers or athletes. Pathetic.”



Washington, D.C.— January 24, 2020 – Today the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals revived Woodhull‘s challenge to FOSTA.  The court ordered that the constitutional challenge be sent back to the district court for a ruling on the merits.

“We are thrilled with the victory in this incredibly important case,” said Ricci Levy, President and CEO of Woodhull. “We are committed to fighting this unconstitutional and dangerous law to the end.”

“The entire legal team worked tirelessly in this appeal, and we are happy to see that the constitutional challenge is moving forward,” said Lawrence G. Walters, Esq., General Counsel to Woodhull, and a member of the legal team challenging FOSTA.

The decision can be found here. Monitor this page for further updates.

Future Effects Of Sea Level Rise Could Include Inland Migration

Sea level rise could reshape the United States, trigger migration inland

AI shows climate change-driven sea-level rise could trigger mass migration to cities inland

January 22, 2020
University of Southern California
A new study uses machine learning to project migration patterns resulting from sea-level rise. Researchers found the impact of rising oceans will ripple across the country, beyond coastal areas at risk of flooding, as affected people move inland. Popular relocation choices will include land-locked cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas. The model also predicts suburban and rural areas in the Midwest will experience disproportionately large influx of people relative to their smaller local populations.

Water coming over road in Kemah, Texas during Hurricane Harvey (stock image). | Credit: (c) eric / stock.adobe.com
Water coming over road in Kemah, Texas during Hurricane Harvey (stock image).
Credit: © eric / Adobe Stock

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast in 2017, displaced residents flocked inland, trying to rebuild their lives in the disaster’s aftermath. Within decades, the same thing could happen at a much larger scale due to rising sea levels, says a new study led by USC Computer Science Assistant Professor Bistra Dilkina.

The study, published in PLOS ONE, Jan. 22, is the first to use machine learning to project migration patterns resulting from sea-level rise. The researchers found the impact of rising oceans will ripple across the country, beyond coastal areas at risk of flooding, as affected people move inland.

In the US alone, 13 million people could be forced to relocate due to rising sea levels by 2100. As a result, cities throughout the country will grapple with new populations. Effects could include more competition for jobs, increased housing prices, and more pressure on infrastructure networks.

“Sea level rise will affect every county in the US, including inland areas,” said Dilkina, the study’s corresponding author, a WiSE Gabilan Assistant Professor in computer science at USC and associate director of USC’s Center for AI for Society.

“We hope this research will empower urban planners and local decision-makers to prepare to accept populations displaced by sea-level rise. Our findings indicate that everybody should care about sea-level rise, whether they live on the coast or not. This is a global impact issue.”

According to the research team, most popular relocation choices will include land-locked cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas. The model also predicts suburban and rural areas in the Midwest will experience disproportionately large influx of people relative to their smaller local populations.

Predicting relocation areas

Sea-level rise is caused primarily by two factors related to global warming: added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of sea water as it warms. Within just a few decades, hundreds of thousands homes on the US coast will be flooded. In fact, by the end of the century, 6 feet of ocean-level rise would redraw the coastline of southern Florida, parts of North Carolina and Virginia and most of Boston and New Orleans.

To predict the trajectory of sea-level rise migration, the researchers took existing projections of rising sea levels and combined this with population projections. Based on migration patterns after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, the team trained machine learning models — a subset of artificial intelligence — to predict where people would relocate.

This map shows where people on the coasts will flee to once sea levels rise

Projecting the migration patterns of people leaving coastal cities shows which cities need to prepare for a population influx.

This map shows where people on the coasts will flee to once sea levels rise
[Source Photo: 3dan3/iStock, Linus Nylund/Unsplash]


Sea-level rise in the U.S. won’t only affect people living on the coasts—as homes flood in Florida and New Jersey, it may trigger mass migration inland, potentially making housing more expensive and jobs harder to find in other areas. A new study uses AI to map where people may go.

“We realized that while existing research has studied the effects of sea-level rise on coastal populations, it hasn’t considered the farther-reaching effects,” says lead author Caleb Robinson, a doctoral scholar at Georgia Tech who is currently doing research at USC. “In our study, we really aim to get at the indirect effects that sea-level rise can have through migration.”

Around 13 million Americans could be forced to move by the end of the century if the sea level rises six feet, headed in large numbers to the Midwest and cities like Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas. The study looked at projections for sea-level rise and population growth, and then trained a machine-learning model using data about where people moved after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. While another previous study did also predict climate migration, it was based partly on how people move under normal circumstances. The new work is designed to come closer to what happens when people are fleeing the effects of climate change. “We really believe that dynamics when it’s forced migration, versus business as usual migration, will be different,” says Bistra Dilkina, a computer science professor at USC and one of the authors of the paper.

[Image: courtesy Dilkina and Robinson]

Of course, this only accounts for one impact from climate change. People may also move (and in different patterns) because of wildfires, long-term droughts, and other climate disasters. And they may overlap: Houston, one of the cities that the map suggests may see a large influx of climate migrants, saw more than 200,000 homes damaged from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, a storm that saw record rainfall because of the changing climate. The framework created in the study, however, could also be used to look at where other types of disasters may force people to move. “It will basically be a matter of whether we have enough data to be able to say we have a good estimate of how people behave in these situations,” says Dilkina. “As we have seen, natural disasters are increasing in number and severity, and I think we will be getting more and more data, unfortunately.”

Cities that expect to see more climate migrants can use this type of research to begin to think about how to prepare for a growing population—something that few are doing now, although the mayor of Buffalo, New York, called it a “climate refuge” city in his state of the union address last year, and the local government thinks that potential migrants could help revive the city. Other cities may need to think about changes in infrastructure or housing.


Drag queen rally planned to protest Missouri bill against drag queen story hour

A bill has been introduced in the Missouri state legislature to restrict drag performers from reading to small children at libraries, a phenomenon that has upset parents nationwide.

Called the “Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act,” the legislation is aimed at libraries that display “age-inappropriate material” and proposes losing state funding and penalizing librarians with fines or jail time, according to the Kansas City Star. The bill’s sponsor in the Missouri state house is Rep. Ben Baker, a Republican from Neosho, in the southwestern region of the Show Me state.

“In some places — St. Louis, Kansas City and I think St. (Joseph) — they’ve had these drag queen story hours and that’s something that I take objection to and I think a lot of parents do,” Baker said.

“That’s where in a public space, our kids could be exposed to something that’s age-inappropriate. That’s what I’m trying to tackle.”

Baker’s bill does not apply to books.

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