#BWIHHH Black Women In Hip Hop History

#BWIHHH – Episode 1 – Sh’Killa



I strongliy recommend you check out Sh’Killa, The Ganstrezz From The Bay.
Sh’Killa is an artist a little to know interviews, a strong handful of show stealing collaborations and a cult classic, underground album.
With so little info on Sh’Killa being public knowledge, we’re left so speculate.
My best guess is that she dropped her album in her late teens up to maybe 21 years old.
She rolled with Brandi (Gripsta) Younger of whom dropped at record at 13 in the year 1993 via Ice T. So we know she’s friends with aperson born in 1980 which would make it fitting for my idea that 16 was the youngest probable that Sh’Killa dropped her album.

Sh'Killa 5

The album opens with the sonically strong “Got Em Twisted” where the concept of the record is that this group of cis men are being mentally disturbed and stalked by something and they think it’s Sh’Killa.

The last verse is Sh’Killa rapping from the perspective of the PennyWise like Villain.

The second track is “1800 Got Yo M”n” And in some publications, the word “man” is edited like a dirty word on the facebooks. This album song shares the same lyrics with context modifications of a song she has out on the Bay Area Playaz Compilation “Ain’t going down like that”.

For this version of the song, Sh’killa owns and works for a “Got Ya Man” service where they send out someone to get revenge for you on your ex. It’s really fun story telling and it’s a woman helping women.

From there, we jump into East Bay Ganstrez the album title track and super fitting, they jump off with a 70’s sample and it’s Sh’Killa and Spice 1 in a hip hop bounce house.

Sh'Killa 2

They trade verses and bars as if they’ve always known each

other. And with Spice 1 being The East Bay Gangsta as we knew it at the time, it was quite fitting and appropriate for him to do this track Sh’Killa


It fades and we go into “Female Rydaz” featureing the fairly accomplished, Gripsta.

This is a rank and file dope record. It’s hop hop as it’s supposed to be done and with a natural fem flavor being welded together by fly California sistas.

Now we put on our art viewing glasses or whatever and go into a track titled “My Name Is Nine (Yeh Da Gun)”.
This is very much a Hip Hop High Art piece. Sh’Killa raps from the perspective of a gun telling tales of irresponsible ownership with clear critiques of toxic masculinity.

Sh'Killa 4

After that, Sh’killa slows it down and grooves with a good old fashioned Break Up Record. I love these and the pace of this one is a little slower than what I’m used to but I still appreciate it.

GWK Gangstas With Knowledge in the building for this next track.
This track is how West Coast Emcees cipher sometimes.
Sh'Killa 3Young Murder Squad, Gripsta And Sh’Killa all share this track while simultaneously Mic Tussling.

I’ll be honest, the next two tracks, she’s bad and all aboard could be argued as throw away tracks.

The reason I won’t treat them as such is that, this is Sh’Killa’s only solo album, so we have no idea what her trajectory could have been so I give a big pass to anything she has out at all given the scarcity.
We go into a sexy, dancy song called “Go Down On It” where Sh’Killa and her guest Emcee, Young Prod share in a frank discussion, praising oral sex. It’s a fun one and could have done well in strip clubs as a single.

Sh'Killa 4Murder Squad For Higher Is a full on possee track. It’s one big ass super fun West Coast Cipher with a dangerously funky ass beat.

The album ends coming back to where the second track took it. But instead of Sh’Killa getting revenge for a fellow woman, she’s out handling her own business on Creep With My Chrome.




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