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Jelani Maraj, Brother Of Nicki Minaj Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Child Rape

Jelani Maraj, the older brother of rapper Nicki Minaj, has been sentenced for child neglect and for predatory sexual assault.

41 year old Maraj was sentenced 25 years to life in prison on Monday, Miriam Sholder, the deputy communications director for the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, confirmed.

In November 2017, Maraj was found guilty of predatory sexual assault after being charged with repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl at his Long Island, New York, home.

During the trial, the victim testified that she was assaulted numerous times over eight months in 2015 at Maraj’s home.The victim’s younger brother also testified to seeing one of the assaults occur.  He was arrested in December 2015.

Maraj’s lawyers said during the trial that the rape allegations were concocted by the girl’s mother as part of a scheme to get his famous sister to pay $25 million in hush money.

Prosecutors, however, said DNA evidence supported the allegations, since his DNA was found in the victim’s pajama pants.

Miraj said in court he had numerous health problems and an alcohol addiction and asked the court for a 10 year sentence instead of 25. Maraj’s counsel plans to appeal the sentence.

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