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Fuck That Transphobic Piece Of Fuck


A professor who claimed “free speech” means he has the right to deliberately misgender transgender students without repercussions has lost his legal battle.

Nicholas Meriwether, a religious philosophy professor at Ohio’s Shawnee State University, had sued his employer with help from anti-LGBT lobbying group Alliance Defending Freedom, claiming that it had infringed upon his freedom of speech and religion by asking him to stop referring to female transgender students as men.

Alliance Defending Freedom, which represents a plethora of clients seeking the freedom to discriminate against LGBT+ people, had attempted to build on its previous Supreme Court victory representing ‘no gays’ baker Jack Phillips. 

However, a federal court last week dismissed his action – finding that the university did not infringe on Meriwether’s rights by asking him to stop using “sir” and “Mr” to address the student, identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit.

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