Free Land Initiative

Social Justice In Black With Catherine Imani

Welcome to the Free The Land Initiative

We are committed to the creation of an Intentional, Intersectional, and AfroFuturist community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an AfroFuturist, Intentional and Intersectional smart city for Black people. We recognize that the only way we can ensure our freedom and an end to our genocide is to collectively rely only on ourselves. We firmly believe that we can do so by maximizing our use of technology with an anti capitalist focus. As Malcolm X said in his famous analogy, removing the knife of white supremacy from our collective backs will only be half of the work. The other part is repairing the damage that white supremacy has caused to our psyches as individuals, how anti blackness effects our relationships with each other, and the inaccuracies we have internalized due to our white supremacist conditioning. This space is committed to the safety, health, and well being of ALL Black people, including our transgender, LGB, disabled, and poor family. We are actively learning to love each other and fight for each other because we know that we will only be free when all of us are free.


We can not afford to wait.

Learn more about our goals and the methodology we are using to attain them, as well as the history of this organization and our plans for the future.

Learn more about why the Free The Land Initiative matters and why urgent action is needed now.

Learn more about our immediate next steps, the methodology we are using to ensure the long term success of this project, as well as places you can plug into right now.

We are always looking for donations, financial and otherwise. Learn more about our needs here.

We are always looking for volunteers of all kinds of skillsets. Learn how to volunteer here.


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