NASCAR star Kyle Larson is FIRED by racing team after saying the N-word during a live-streamed virtual race, potentially costing him the millions he expected to make on his next contract

  • NASCAR star Kyle Larson has been fired by Chip Ganassi Racing for using a racial slur on a live stream during a virtual race on Sunday evening 
  • While checking his microphone, Larson can be heard asking, ‘You can’t hear me?’ That was followed by the N-word and some reactions from stunned drivers 
  • NASCAR pivoted to iRacing during the coronavirus outbreak, although Larson used the slur during a Sunday night race against drivers from other circuits 
  • Larson is half Japanese – his grandparents spent time in an interment camp – and he ascended to the NASCAR circuit through its ‘Drive for Diversity’ program
  • He is the only driver of Japanese descent to win a major NASCAR race
  • Larson was expected to become a free agent after the season, potentially commanding seven- and eight-figure offers from rival NASCAR teams