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TRIGGER WARNING – Democrat Loyalist Seeks To Move Partisan Overton Window On Rape Culture

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get ready to ratio

As the dems “pull a triple double” on partisan loyalty, we get to a far more disgusting than usual example.  Sandy Knauer biden could rape me face

The screen shot popped up in one of the little lefty echo chambers I run in on the facebooks. I go and look at the original tweet to verify like a proper Bro and it really is the complete and utter nonsense that one can expect from a person of whom thinks they’ve reached political purity 2 decades ago.

liberal feels raed by bernieThis makes me think of when they claim we have a “purity test”.  I’m just spitballling here but that could have something to do with them having a “purity test” of which Bill Mahar, Chris Mathews and John Stewart outlined and defined for them.

So to suggest something more is to assault their identity as the arbiters of  “Left Wing” purity.

What they don’t get is that we aren’t on the bird. We’re not “Left Wing”. We’re The Left and don’t owe you a vote.  And this sort of support for rape culture in the name DeFeaTinG TRumP!! isn’t going to move us.


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