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The Democrats Are Only Going To Move Further Right On Rape Culture

liberal rape apologist 8

liberal rape apologist 7

Dear Lefties: EWqqoNEWkAAGH3y

Over the next half decade, you need to prepare yourself to deal with Liberal voters on the internet of whom will have ZERO self reflection over the results of their behavior since 2015.

They will not at any point in time think “wow, was I supporting a rapist in the name of party loyalty?”.

Not at any point in time, will they conduct an introspection regarding how they deliberately misgendered trans & cis women along with non binary folks as “Bernie Bros”.

This is how it is dealing with someone of whom is to the right of you.  They know they’re to the right of you and they know that if they engage in earnest and are 100 percent honest, they will at least ADMIT that the facts and stated morality aren’t on their side.
They’re staunch and refuse this. This is why the privately owned social media block buttons have been getting so much exercise since the 2015 primary.  We all know at what points a twitter thread will come to an end because the party loyalist won’t have any strong points to make and when they realize this, they panic and just try to make the reality they almost faced go away. liberal rape apologist 2

This happens when a “Bernie Bro” brings up historical context with links.
This happens when a “Bernie Bro” reminds of what you said about the same issue when it was a different public figure last year; usually with a link and/or screenshot for evidence.

They don’t care because they are comfortable and don’t want to improve. When a person is comfortable in their class status, all they care about outside of that is aesthetics.  For them, the prettiest thing is having someone from their favorite party in office.

Notice, they don’t talk policy.  They don’t talk about riders attached to bills.  They don’t talk about amendments to sections of bills.  They don’t talk about the outcome of a bill after it’s been implemented.

THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT liberal rape apologist 3

They only care that the hand signing off on it is of their party and not of whom they pretend are their opponents.

Obviously this is going to get super triggering and really fucking weird with them moving the overton window on rape culture.

Now remember:  When Todd (legitimate rape) Akin  was in the headlines.  A common comment from Dem surrogates and voters was that they could win elections and control the (cis) female vote by just letting the Republicans talk about rape. liberal rape apologist 6

Now. Here they are in those Republicans’ shoes and instead of stepping out of them, they have claimed that he can rape them and they’d still vote for him.  They have claimed that he has less victims than the other rapists, therefore they have the… best rapist(?)

This is where they are now and they’re not coming back.  Since the Carter administration, the Overton Window has only gone right.  So not only are they not coming back but they’ll be going further into it.  Gen X’rs and Millennial sellouts will replace the (Okay) Boomers in being as loud and wrong about this shit as possible.

You might want to work on disengaging from these people now.  I understand. I’ve been on the World Wide Webernets since 1998 and I totally get it when someone is wrong and just a few facts will help them out.

THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT FACTS liberal rape apologist 5

MSNBC along with Real Time With Bill, John Stewart and they’re corporate owned independent outlets such as Slate and The Root tell them which opinions are going to be the new “facts” and they will not disobey direct ideological orders.  This goes double time for the absolutely stunning, beautiful Black people they dress up and put on camera to say the talking points.

You should only expect Zerlina Maxwell, Van Jones, Symone D. Sanders and Damon Young to get worse.  liberal rape apologist 4

Keep in mind that most of the ridiculously gorgeous black people of they gloss up and put on display come from class privilege, so they already had access to lower levels of power that ensure higher salaries and they aren’t interested in going backwards or even reaching back to lift someone up.
liberal rape apologist
I GOT MINE FUCK YOU. They bout that IGMFU all the fuck long day.

The left might as well just go ahead and give up the executive seat unless we start a 30 project of grooming a candidate to be corporate friendly on the face and rat fuck them into the game.


listen to black women

listen to black women 2

We are a community though and we can help each other.  We can focus on our city councils, our mayors, our school boards and county commissioner and local activist Orgs. Michelle obama cucking with bush

We have more people than we may be aware of and we can use it under the radar because people helping people fail to make sexy, clickable headlines.  Right now at Wine Cellar Media, we’re gathering supplies and masks and getting them out to folks free.

You can get together with your friends/family and do something similar where you live and with the internet through the mailing system.

I think it can still be constructive to point out the rhetoric and behavior of  the liberalmichelle obama bush handjob democrats but we need not waste irreplaceable time and energy to


interacting with them directly.  They’re just going to do to you what Republicans do to them.  
And the liberals with go along with it.  michelle obama and bush
If you’re not too sure about that, remember who Michelle (Yass Kween) Obama calls her…”Partner In (war) Crime”.
As long as we have access to what’s left of net neutrality, we can use it constructively with dope results. Let the careerists hob knob with each other moving forward.  They’re never going to engage you in good faith.

Oh yea… Do you need a free mask?

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