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Skeeter_Millz (Rodney Abdoul Moult) Hits Black Woman In Face With Skateboard

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Hey gang.
So we need to riff on this video clip that surfaced a few days ago and responses to it.

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Black men are looking for a man who was captured on video hitting a woman in the face with a skateboard in Harlem. The video, which has since gone viral, shows the suspect standing close to the victim as they exchange a few words. When the victim stops talking and looks down, the suspect hits her across the face with his skateboard.skeeter millz swinging skateboard

The victim falls to the ground without moving, and the suspect’s friends laugh at the incident. New York Police have indicated that the assault took place in Harlem, but it’s unclear exactly when. The footage was shared on social media on June 16 by Paris Milan and it has since received over 3 million views:

Skeeter Millz is known as the name of Rodney Abdoul Moultrie, who attacked a skateboarding woman. Rodney and his friends filmed him, laughed and humiliated him. If you have any information about the woman, please it has not been defined yet. Also, if you have seen or know where Rodney and his accomplices are located, please contact the police department. I have reason to believe they are in Harlem, New York. If you have any information about Rodney Abdoul Moultrie, please contact the Black Men Looking For Him.

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