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Amy Cooper Will Face Charges For Calling Cops On Black Man In Central Park

Today, the office of Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance, Jr. announced  that the city of New York will be charging Amy Cooper with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

Amy Cooper went viral after a video surfaced of her threatening to call the cops on Christian Cooper, a Black man who was trying to watch birds in Central Park. The dispute began when Mr. Cooper asked Amy Cooper to put her dog on a leash, as per park rules. When she refused and became belligerent, Mr. Copper began recording.  In the video, Amy Cooper is seen telling Mr. Cooper that she is going to call the police and tell them an African American man is threatening her life. She then frantically called 911 and told the dispatcher that Christian Cooper is threatening her and her dog.

Amy Cooper was subsequently fired from her job at Franklin Templeton investments, and has since complained that her life is being ruined.

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