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Crash The Party!  Crash the DNC!

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Chelsey Sprengeler Crash The DNC

This latest election cycle has made it clearer than ever that we need to take action against this endless “Lesser of Two Evils” bullshit and create something of our own.  Just as The PanWomanist grew out of the need to create our own radical writing, we are refusing to accept what has been forced upon us politically, and instead are building our own movement!  oie_aNO7DmL2azuc_edited.jpg

We are the growing collective of dissidents, oppressed, revolutionaries, rebels, Bernie supporters, and leftists who are Crashing the Democratic Party in the 2020 election! We’re done cowering in defense against the centrist, corporate Democratic Party, we reject #JimCrowJoeBiden, and we are leaving to build the Peoples’ Power that we must build now!

Learn more and read our manifesto on the Crash the DNC page!

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