The Uprising Against Police

Mom’rades Build A Wall Of Justice To Tell The Federal Pigs To Go Home

A group of women banded together to form a human wall to protect protesters from federal officers in Portland over the weekend. There have been 52 days and nights of protests since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which have turned violent after federal authorities have been sent in earlier this month.

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After a Facebook post called for mothers to make a “Wall of Moms,” dozens wearing white and helmets attended Saturday.  They stood arm-in-arm with each other, forming a barrier between federal agents and demonstrators. The gathering came after a report that federal officials from a number of agencies have been driving around and detaining people.

“We moms are often underestimated,” organizer Bev Barnum said in the event page. “But we’re stronger than we’re given credit for.”

One woman who participated with the moms called the actions of federal officers “terrifying.”

“We as a democracy — need to stand up,” she told Reuters. “I’m 60 years old. I probably shouldn’t be here in public, but this is beyond acceptable.”

Videos of the event show them chanting, “The feds stay clear, the moms are here!”

Mothers also participated on Sunday, too, wearing yellow shirts and locking their arms together.

Protest against racial inequality in Portland
Mothers stand between federal law enforcement officers and protesters during a protest against racial inequality in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday.CAITLIN OCHS / REUTERS

Although they campaigned against the use of tear gas, federal officers still deployed it on Saturday and Sunday, Portland police said.

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