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Before you open your big mouth about non-voters being “privileged,”….

Chelsey Sprengeler

I don’t care if the Dems canvas or not because vote-shamers legitimizing this capitalist dystopia don’t actually care about poor people and should not pretend to.

But “address their material needs or risk losing” — yes, don’t be mad when/if “we told you so” in November.


Chelsey Sprengeler, have you noticed, this year is the 100th anniversary of women’s legal right to vote in this country and none of the major feminist organizations have implemented a major GOTV effort gear toward women?Toward young women, older women, formerly incarcerated women, homeless women, Transgender women, Deaf/Hard of Hearing women, etc? Who is advising such women of their legal rights regarding voting?All the resources that they have, like NOW, Feminist Majority, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, etc., so why don’t they do this?



  • Chelsey  probably because all of those orgs are far more concerned about continuing to line the pockets of their executives than changing the lives of most women. Plus if the most disadvantaged women, who aren’t voting, start to vote they wouldn’t necessarily vote Dem
  • It’s easier for the status quo to keep the same small, predictable set of voters voting.There’s plenty of voting campaigns from celebrities in the media (+social media) but that’s Democrats signaling Democratic votes. It’s not the same as enfranchising people on the streets.

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