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Right Wing Outlet, BREITBART Is Making H.R. 8424 Trend

Hey gang.

So in getting up to do some show prep and website work, I see that a bill was introduced September 29th and hasn’t even been considered by a committee yet is trending.


Because right wing propagandists are sticking to the recipe of making their target audience believe that Job Biden is govern as a hardcore lefty. This has been how they do things since the Newt Gingrich days and some could even argue the McCarthy era.

In the video clip embeded in the Breitbart “article”, Joe Biden doesn’t even endorse the bill. He just acknowledges that it exists and that it suggests moving judges to different courts.

Keep in mind this bill, even if it were to actually pass and get signed or get pushed through via executive order, it makes the limits 18 years.

Now someone might wonder why a lefty wouldn’t be excited about Biden even caring to say out loud that this bill even exists at all. Well. according to supremecourt.gov, justices only sit the bench an average of 16 years any darn way, so what’s the use?

Below are screen shots of the Breitbart “article” along with a link to it.

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