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Single Dad Mansplains What He Thinks Is Wrong With Single Moms

Richard Cooper is a Youtuber and a father himself, and he recently hit headlines after he posted a controversial video in which he “warns” fellow men of all the dangers and “hazards of dating single mothers”.

His reasons include the idea that single moms have “questionable judgment skills”, their bodies are “ruined”, and that their child will eventually “eat your money and destroy your dreams”.

His talked at an event last year that single moms “eat man’s flesh and money and they destroy their dreams”.

He outlined nine reasons why a man should “never date a woman with a child”, and he started off by saying how just easy was for these mothers to end the relationship.

He told the crowd that when she goes, they go too, and you’ll never see the children again. Oh, he also claimed that one should “save themselves for someone that has the capacity and the time”.

He also said that single moms think that “the world revolves around her and her kids”, and he thinks that her kids will work against him. Also, he thinks that these women are emotionally unavailable and rarely take ownership of mistakes in their lives, and they also have a “distorted self-image” that allows them to inflate their ego.

If you still aren’t completely convinced about what kind of a person Richard is, check out some of his older tweets:

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